Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ethan's First Hike

Today my mission was to just get out of the house. Truth be told, I think we were all going a little stir crazy and I wanted to explore a little bit. I ventured out, new Garmin in hand, and headed towards a park. Turns out the Garmin is just about as directionally challenged as me and literally told me to turn "Off Road" aka into a big ole forest that honestly had no road in sight. I redirected and thankfully found a huge state park with a pool and tons of walking trails. Thanks for nothing Garmin.

Even though it is somewhere in the upwards of 90 degrees here, the pool was not yet open. It didn't really matter, we weren't prepared to do that anyways so I drove on in hopes of finding a short trail for me and E to try out.

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this before, but I am a Law and Order SVU fanatic. I say that semi loosely because in reality I never watch the new episodes, but I do constantly watch the marathon reruns that are always on. That said, I have a semi unhealthy fear of getting assaulted when I go somewhere by myself or with just Ethan. I can psyche myself out of taking a certain walking path because I'm afraid I'll run into some creepster, or I'll be on the verge of peeing my pants when I hear a stalker (aka a squirrel) in the field beside the very safe paths Ethan and I frequently use to walk. 

Needless to say, taking an unknown trail without Michael or someone else capable of fending off a predator is pretty big of me. For some reason, I was unafraid. I felt at ease with the fact that we could safely walk this very wooded 0.7 mile trail by ourselves without incident and I just knew it would be right up Ethan's alley. 

Turns out, Ethan has a lot of his mama in him. He wanted nothing to do with that trail. He gripped my hand tightly and humored me for a little ways. As soon as the parking lot was out of sight he turned quickly and said "car!" as firmly as his little 18 month old self could. I pressed on, just knowing that he would love it. If you know this kid he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES being outside. He usually can not get enough of it. We continued on with him sporadically turning and saying "car" until we saw the first sink hole.

He pulled me with all his might to get me to turn around. He was done. I gave in and we went back the very short distance towards the parking lot. Apparently, I was not going to convince him to love hiking today.

I had never seen him so happy to see the car. He actually climbed up in it and got into his carseat by himself. And that folks, is usually a battle. He does not usually like to be held down by that crazy contraption. 

The day was not a loss though. He surprisingly let me drive around aimlessly for over an hour just happy to have the windows down and listening to all the ka-ka's (aka birds) singing in the trees. We had a great day and he was one happy boy just cruising with his mama. 

We will try the trail another day...hopefully with Michael in tow. A little secret...I've always envisioned me and Ethan hiking together just the two of us and sharing our secrets. I've got a feeling he will come around one day, until then, I'll be happy with our little drives.


  1. How much fun! Hopefully next time will be even better. Sounds like little man was pooped out :)

    he's as precious as ever though!

  2. Aw man. What a bummer that he didn't love it. But keep trying ... maybe it will help if M is with you next time.

  3. I admit that moving to a new location scares the bajeez out of me, BUT! I think exploring would be the best part.

  4. Good for you!!! - I too always envision crazy things happening when I'm in a new place that is somewhat remote!!! I love how Ethan gladly got in the car...thats such a cute story!!!

    Hope you guys are doing well!!!!


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