Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

1. We are gearing up for another 4 hour drive this weekend. Thankfully, it is to somewhere new and different. We are going on a mini (very mini) vaycay I might say to Winston-Salem, NC to attend a cousin's graduation. Apparently we are gluttons for punishment as we will be dragging along both baby and dog! Wish us luck.

2. I'm finally getting things put away around this rental and things are starting to feel a bit more settled. I refuse to come back to living out of bags after this weekend. 

3. We've had the worst restaurant experiences lately with slow service which you know with a baby is pure torture. It took 45 minutes at O'Charley's yesterday at lunch to get soups and salads. Ethan surprisingly behaved fairly well considering, but by the time food came he was done. He threw his chicken tender across the restaurant and Michael swiftly took him out as I stayed to box up our food and get the check.

4. Doing laundry in the basement is for the birds. I know some of you ladies do this all the time, but this mama is not use to having a basement. I'm one of those people that refuses to make multiple trips, but ends up dropping everything along the way anyways and dragging stuff up and down steep steps into dark and scary dungeonville is not for me. I miss my freshly redone laundry room. 

5. I'm starting to get excited about looking for new homes. I'm hoping to start the process next week with the positive outlook that our old home will sell quickly. We have an open house this Sunday for our home and were actually able to reduce our selling price to something that I consider ridiculously low. I know this would normally be a terrible thing, but without going into too much detail, our relocation package allows us to do this without any monetary loss to us. Blessings...really. Now let's hope this home gets sold asap so we can move on with our lives :)


  1. Good luck this weekend! I am so glad to hear things are getting unpacked and a little more settled! I wish we were looking for a house in the Boro because I know yours is beautiful! I'd be glad to do a little facebook post to see if any friends in the area are looking for a new house!

    Looking for a new house is the most wonderful and daunting task just stay positive, I know wherever you all end up, you'll make any house a beautiful home!

  2. Oh dude. The laundry room in my apartment is sooo accessible. I am NOT looking forward to transitioning to basement laundry when we move. Do I have to bring the kids down stairs every time I go? HOW will I do this? We have a very tiny (6x8) extra room upstairs that is going to be office/playroom that Evan suggested he could transform into the laundry room. Can't say I've given up that idea yet ...

  3. You get used to the dungeon laundry room. The worst part for me is that ours is unfinished and I never know what kind of creepy crawlies I might encounter down there! YUCK!!

    At least with all the stairs I get my workout in right??

    Have fun this weekend! We did 11 hours in the car to Ohio last week so 4 hours sounds like a walk in the park to me!


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