Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How I went from green to...well...not so much

If you have been following along here for any period of time you probably already know all about my adventures in trying to be more green. I will probably never be completely green because, well, truthfully? I'm too lazy. But....I've given it a good shot and actually had gotten into a fairly good routine with it.


When we moved, all that crunchy, green stuff got tossed out the window and to be honest I'm probably less green now than I even started out to begin with.

- Being in a temporary home with no dishwasher is no beuno for this mama. Look, I've lived sans dishwasher in my past life and got along just fine. Now with an 18 month old and knowing that this is just a temporary thing I've hung up my yellow gloves for plastic utensils, solo cups, and paper plates. Yep, sorry Earth, hopefully this won't be the norm for too much longer. Please remember...I'm the girl that used real plates, glassware and silverware for Ethan's 1st birthday party with a guest list pushing 30. Deep down, I'm truly a prude who couldn't bear to sacrifice the look of my tablescape for an easy clean up. It really has nothing to do with the Earth, it just sounds better.

- I've proudly been cloth diapering my sweet baby's tush for 18 months, however the first day of our move I quickly discovered I'd be switching to the disposable way of life. Apparently a diaper sprayer IS crucial to cleaning off that yucky poo. Cleaning off poo is a sink with my hands was a little too much for this mama. The cloth has been packed away until the diaper sprayer is moved to our permanent home. P.S. I'm not sure if this is due to me switching to disposables or just a terrible stage E has gotten into, but he has gotten into a new habit of taking "shoo shoo's" out of his diaper while he's in his crib. It's not pretty folks...any tips? Looks like I'm currently in the market for footed pajama's again.

- Remember that whole foods diet thing I started at the beginning of the year? Or how about the baby food making stuff I did for E when he started on solids? Yeeeeaaahhh, we are more on a fast food diet currently. Did I mention that the oven in this house is completely unlevel and that we had just 1 pot and 1 pan here? Oh, and the hand washing...yeah. Sadly Ethan has switched from not being picky at all to only eating fruit and dairy with a side of french fries and ketchup.

The good news in all of this's only temporary. In fact, we are now under contract for what is truly a dream home for us! Pending inspection of course! 
I'm sure I'll be back to my crunchy, green ways once everything settles down! Until then....Earth....I apologize. Truly.


  1. No apologies necessary! I totally get it.

    We try and be as green and healthy as possible and I am not even in mid-move.

    But I do not have a dishwasher- and since the arrival of the toddler age, we have used a decent amount of paper plates. We dont always for every meal. But they are always an item we keep handy. Sometimes I'd rather play after work than do dishes. So that's just what we do...someday I will have a dishwasher...until then, we eat on paper here and there

  2. Congrats on the new house!!! As your house here in the 'boro sold?

  3. Gorgeous house, fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you!

  4. beautiful home! fingers crossed!

    temporary or not, do what works for your family in this moment in life!

  5. You do what works for right now and you'll get back in the swing of things once things settle. I totally have a stash of paper plates waiting for when the baby comes and we'rein the midst of the move/adjustment. I don't blame you.

    Now, about the CDing ... I've never had a diaper sprayer so I'm not sure if it would change my life if I had one ornot, but I've never really noticed an issue with it? If they don't just dump off, I leave the diaper face down in the toilet for a while, with the edge of it stuck under the toilet seat, and it basically rinses itself. (I'm not saying you should be CDing despite not having the sprayer ... just telling you what I do).

  6. That house is gorgeous!!!

    Tell me more about cloth diapering. Do you have a post on it? Considering it next go round. But I need to understand it first!! Like how does it work, what do you buy, etc

  7. Hey--do whatcha gotta do! We do the best we can. I totally get the laziness, sometimes. But I AM a freak about conserving water. I can't stand it when my husband keeps the water running while he brushes his teeth! HA! Congrats on the new home (fingers crossed on inspection)!!

  8. Wow! Beautiful home!!! And handwashing ANYTHING is for the birds :)

  9. Wow! Beautiful home!!! And handwashing ANYTHING is for the birds :)

  10. Wow! Beautiful home!!! And handwashing ANYTHING is for the birds :)

  11. Holy cow, that is a beautiful house, Laura! I'm sure Earth will forgive you.

    I've been a little MIA lately, but I'm glad to hear things are going well for the most part. In regards to your post below of Ethan's first haircut, he looks great! So happy the house has almost sold. I know you'll feel more yourself once you can really settle into your new home!

  12. I say you gotta do what works for y'all. You'll figure it out :)

    and holy wow! nice house lady!


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