Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Little Update

We've almost made it through our first week as parents of two although in reality my mom has really been handling the first  born along with all the cleaning and cooking while I've mostly been sitting on my rear end with a baby snuggled on my chest. 

Next week it will be back to reality...our new reality...somewhat. Michael will be here with us so I still won't be on my own, but we won't have any additional help so things should get interesting. I have to admit I'm semi (ok, very) fearful of being on my own with two. There were plenty of days where just the one about did me in, so imagining two makes me shiver in fear a bit. But as always, I'm sure I will get it figured out once I'm thrown back into the fire of things. That's just the way things are sometimes.

Life with baby has been so different this time around. Things are just easier. It makes me laugh at how difficult we thought things were with just the one. And really, it was difficult. It was difficult because everything was new and we knew nothing about what to do with babies. This time I am just so much more confident in my parenting skills it just makes everything easier. 

Jackson and I are both recovering quite well. I had a little scare with a possibly infected incision, but things are looking better. I'm returning to the doctor tomorrow to have stitches removed and I have to be honest...I'm deathly afraid of getting them taken out. I'm sure I'm making it worse in my head than it really is, but it's just one of those things I fear. Yuck. Jackson is doing well. He lost quite a bit of weight before we left the hospital, but I can happily say he is quickly gaining everything back. He also has a little bit of jaundice, but after multiple tests it looks like it is slowly taking care of itself on it's own.

Ethan is doing pretty well in his new role of big brother. He looks several years older to me now in comparison to Jackson. He's mostly been ignoring the fact that there is a new little being in our lives, but occasionally comes over to kiss on the baby. Thankfully grandparents have been here to keep him busy, happy and distracted, but next week should really put him to the test although I think he will handle the transition well!

I hope to write Jackson's birth story soon. It's not too eventful since it was a planned c-section but there is still a story to share. I also hope to post some non-instagram pictures of the newbie, but its hard to hold a camera when you never set the baby down.


  1. The look on your face in the first picture says it all. I am so, so happy for you, friend! And of course, can't wait to hear your story.

  2. I was just saying to my husband the same thing- why did we think this was so hard the first time? The baby is the easy part. The two year old on the other hand.... :)

  3. The jammies that Jackson has on are ones we have too!! Peter is wearing them currently- SO cute. The third picture in your post is beyond, beyond, beyond precious. Please find a way to print and frame that one. I love how cozy and sweet he looks!

    It's amazing how much harder the older child becomes once you realize how easy and compliant the baby is. Even when you are totally sleep deprived with the newborn, you can still look at them with so much love but it is so hard for your sleep deprived self to be patient with the older child as you expect more from them. However, it is also absolutely amazing to see the love that exists and the bond that forms between the boys. I love that they will always have each other!

  4. Ohmigoodness! He is B.U.Tiful!


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