Monday, December 31, 2012

Slowing Down for 2013

Just in the nick of time, I managed to get all the Christmas decorations down and am very ready to kick off 2013. This past year has been beyond crazy. We moved to a new city, lived in three different houses, finally became pregnant and gave birth to another beautiful baby boy. Life has been wonderful to us this year, but it certainly hasn't been without its challenges. I told my husband that our main goal for 2013 should be to make things as uneventful as possible! No moves, no major purchases and no getting pregnant. 

In 2013, I'm simply hoping for life to slow down. I want to soak in all the little moments and put my main focus on my children. This year will be all about getting back to basics: running a more efficient household, strengthening our marriage and becoming more financially fit. I'm also ready to kick this post-partum body to the curb and get back to a new and improved "me". 

These may not be lofty goals, but they are the important ones. Cheers to you and yours on this New Years Eve!

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  1. This is how we felt two years ago in your exact same shoes. 2013for us will be a year to really get some renovations done on our house. We are getting hardwoods in our family room and the rest refinished. We have a few other smaller projects and, hopefully, we will be able to save enough to renovate or kitchen at the beginning of 2014. We have a lot of planning to do this year to make that a reality!!

    Hope the boys enjoyed Christmas!


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