Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Remove Old Stains from Baby Clothes

Like many moms, I packed all of Ethan's old baby clothes in hopes of being able to use them for baby number two. Unfortunately when I pulled them out of storage I found most of them to be covered in stains. I'm fairly sure these stains weren't there when I originally packed them away, but stains are tricky and tend to come out over time.

I sprayed them with some stain remover, tossed them in the wash and hung them to dry in hopes that they would come out. 

Old stains are tricky though. Apparently they didn't like my usual way of doing things.

Attack number two on my list was to call my mom. 

Mom's know all the tricks right? 

Well, at least experienced moms. 


I'm still earning my badges here people. 

She recommended Biz laundry detergent which I had never heard of...probably because it's the old powder kind. I don't even remember using powder in my lifetime. She said it was tricky to find, but after searching for awhile I did find some at Wal-Mart. 

I carefully measured warm water in my washing machine. I'm weird I like to follow directions to the T. In case you were wondering a small load in a (non HE) top loader contains about 12 gallons of water. Biz recommends 1 cup of detergent for every two gallons of water, I'd read elsewhere to do 1 cup per gallon so I split the difference and added 8 scoops. You can presoak from anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight. I went the overnight route just to be sure. 

The next day I ran the rinse cycle then washed as usual with my normal detergent. 

I had about 25 items in there...sleepers, bibs, burp cloths, outfits. It saved all but one! And, I'm fairly sure that one outfit was one of the ones on top that might not have gotten a full soaking.

I wish I had taken a before and after picture, but alas, I really didn't think it was going to work. 

Biz doesn't know who I am. I'm getting nothing out of this. I just simply wanted to pass this fabulous trick along. 

Save some money, buy some Biz and get to saving those baby clothes folks!

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  1. (I just posted a comment but have no idea if it will go through.) It went something like--thanks for sharing! Question--will you wash again with a baby safe, "milder" detergent? Just wondering since we had some skin irritations with W.


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