Monday, January 10, 2011

Ethan's 3 Months Old!


This past month has been an exciting one for you! You are now officially in 3 month clothing and wearing size small cloth diapers. It was a sad day for me when I boxed up all your newborn stuff. It goes to quick!

You also had your first shots this month with your new doctor. Thankfully they were quick, but you didn't like them very much. Your weight at the last appointment, which was about 3.5 weeks ago, was 10.5 pounds and you were 23.75in long! I'm sure it's changed dramatically since then!

At the beginning of the month I started supplementing your bottles with formula because you were out drinking me. Now we have fully switched to formula and your tummy is not liking it one bit. We are on our 4th type which hopefully will be okay with you! To date you are drinking 6oz four times a day.

You have been upstairs in your big boy crib for most of the month. You slept straight through the night from 8pm to 8am for 2 weeks straight! I was soooooo happy and so was daddy. However, after getting off your schedule during Christmas and the formula problems, this has changed. You now go to bed at 8pm then wake up around 3am then 5am then we fight sleep until at least 730. I'm working hard to get you back on your schedule though and look forward to those 12 hour stretches of sleep in the near future!

You've had some big first this month. You went to your first kiddie birthday party, had your first Christmas, saw your first snowflakes, and you met your first baby friends. You are extremely alert now and love to talk to us. You are able to pick up some toys now and even put them in your mouth. You love watching T.V. and you hate tummy time, but we are working on your head control in the Bumbo seat. 

You are a busy little bee and I'm looking at getting you the dreaded activity station that I said I would never get because it's so huge and takes up so much precious house space. I love you that much though! Just know that!

I just can't get over how much you grow and learn every single day. I am so lucky to be able to watch this all take place and be a part of it. You really are the joy of my life!

I love you!



  1. happy 3 months, mister! i just love his precious little face! i hearya on the out-drinking thing. the same thing happened to C and I shortly after his four month birthday. ever since then he's been exclusively formula fed... it's just better for the both of us now! have you tried Alimentum? I know a lot of Momma's swear by that one who's little ones have had tummy issues. thankfully, Carter does great on Similac sensitive. i love that expression.. he's so stinking cute!

  2. Beautiful pictures, happy 3 months to your little one! he looks adorable, and GROWING! Hopefully you will find a formula that he likes soon, I'll be thinking of ya!


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