Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Breather

This weekend my husband and I actually had some alone time. My mom kept Ethan overnight for the first time Saturday night. It was a very odd feeling not having him around.

I have to say she is probably the only person I would trust him with at this point. Well maybe I should rephrase that...the only person whom I wouldn't worry about having him overnight. I called and checked in numerous times. He was fine and happy of course. I missed him, but it was nice having some alone time and being just us again.

We had a mostly lazy weekend. We went to a mantinee on Saturday and saw The Dilemma. It was funny, but I'd suggest renting it instead. It wasn't good enough for the $7.50 a piece matinee cost. But then again, I'm really hard to impress when I have to spend $20 at the movie theater. For that price it better be damn good...but I digress.

We continued with a nap, a glass of wine, some Every Word games on the Kindle, and a Predators hockey game. Sunday we slept in and had a gigantic breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading to my moms to pick up the boy.

It was great and I look forward to doing it again soon. I feel refreshed and like a better mommy and wife. Sometimes you just need a mini mommy break to make things right again.


  1. couldn't agree more! glad you guys had a lovely night!

  2. Date is definitely a must! Your little guy is adorable. :)


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