Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cloth Diapering - Update

Way back when I was still preggo with Ethan I blogged about all the different cloth diapers I bought to try out once he got here. Well he's here now...(like you haven't noticed)...and I've made my decision as to which works for us and which doesn't.

First we will start with the ones I didn't like.


Imse Vimse

These both required diaper covers and let's just say they made my baby's butt look HUGE!!! It was ridiculous and I thought if I made him wear them it would ruin his back forever.

It felt like a big ordeal to put two items on him as well. Although Kissaluvs got awesome reviews for newborns...I just simply disagreed.

Now for my loves!


Bum Genius

My ultimate favorite are the Fuzzibunz mainly because the snaps won't wear out like the velcro will over time (mine hasn't yet, but I plan on using these for multiple babies) and because they take a lot less time to try since the pad separates. You do have to stuff the Fuzzibunz, but it's really not that huge of a deal.

Unfortunately they aren't making the bum genius all in ones anymore, but the good news is there are still some left at low, low prices AND they are switching them over to something more like the Fuzzibunz. YAY!

The reason I still buy both, is because the grandparents and Michael both prefer the ease of using velcro.

As for sizing...we lasted in XS until Ethan turned 3 months old. I noticed we needed to change him over when he started leaking alot. The XS are cut lower to protect their umbilical cord when they are a newborn so he started leaking once he started getting longer...his crack almost started showing! Now we are in size small and will be in that for the long haul so they say. I do have a couple of mediums just in case.

As for the one size fits doesn't. It looks ridiculously huge. I prefer a trimmer fit so the perfect sizes worked out better for us.

As for how they perform. Leaking isn't a problem...we have some every now and then, but I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary. If we've been holding him on his side for a long time, we might have some leaks out the leg holes, other than that. No issues. I have 11 diapers and wash them about every day and a half so that will give you a rough idea of how many changes I go through. At night time I simply double stuff a Fuzzibunz and he lasts from 8pm to 8am with no problem. The only time I've discovered mild leaks is if he has taken a huge poop then peed on top of that.

I love that there is no waste. The washing isn't a big deal. I feel better about life knowing I'm not cluttering the landfills. I also love that I'm not having to buy diapers every week and I'm saving money long term.

Want to know where to get are the stores I found with the best deals.

Jillian's Drawers - I get most of my accessories here which I will post on shortly...also this is the best place to try for first timers because you can send back what you don't like...USED! How awesome is that? And yes, I did that!

Cotton Babies - Cheapest place to buy Bum Genius with free shipping.

Fuzzibunz Store - Cheapest place to buy Fuzzibunz also with free shipping.


  1. BumGenius all in ones are my fav too!! I'm actually going to town to buy up whatever they have left at the low price.

    I have four fuzzibunz coming to me in the mail so excited to try those.

    We also have all in one Cutey Baby but I'm not liking them as much as BumGenius.

  2. Awesome!!! Those are the two brands my SIL uses and loves, too. Okay, all I need now is a baby...haha!

  3. I wish I had done more research during pregnancy and looked into cloth diapering... maybe with my next one!

  4. I love that you're using cloth diapers. I have several friends that have made the switch. I don't have kids, but I find this topic fascinating. (I'm promise I'm not that creepy stranger...there is just a large possibility I will be a pediatrician someday! :D)


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