Friday, January 21, 2011

Cloth Diapering - Accessories

Alrighty so now that you know about my favorite cloth diapers, I'd like to share my favorite accessories that I like to use with my cloth diaper system.

A good laundry detergent is a must have for cloth diapers. Dreft doesn't cut it here. Cloth diapers need to have special detergent in order to protect their absorbency. There are several out there, but I ended up choosing between Charlies Soap and Allen's Naturally. I finally decided on Allen's after reading several reviews that said Charlies Soap causes skin allergies for some babies. Unfortunately I didn't find any detergents I could buy locally, but I did find that had the best prices.

As far as other laundry'll need a trash can liner that you will just toss in the wash with your diapers and a wet bag for on the go. They have really cute designs most any diaper site and they really are easy to use.

Another must have is the diaper sprayer. I love that it blasts the poo off my diapers to keep them stain free (I'm still not sure why I really bother - they are diapers after all) but you do have to be careful when spraying. The water force is strong! It will blast poo all over your toilet if you aren't careful! It is a necessary evil though once you switch to formula (hello playdough thick green poo).

As I mentioned...cloth diapers are sensitive when it comes to their absorbency, with that said you can't use just any old diaper cream. Alot of them will stain and will eventually make the fleece repel. Ethan's behind is super sensitive and although cloth diapers do reduce diaper rash, Ethan still gets it every now and then. The cloth diaper approved diaper lotion I use is California Baby's Diaper Rash Cream. Love it! You can buy it at Target or Babies R US.

Okay now for the optional stuff.

I really didn't think I would go this far when I started, but I now use cloth wipes. Ethan's bootie is super sensitive and he would scream anytime I used regular wipes. I also figured out it was easier in the long run just to use the cloth and throw them in the laundry with the diapers instead of having a separate trash can for the wipes. I found Swaddlebees Cloth Wipes to be my favorite (check out Jillian' They are the smallest kind I could find and they are plenty big enough!

Now you need something to spray on the wipes to get everything smoothly off...Kissaluv's Diaper Lotion Potion is the stuff. You can mix a couple of squirts in with distilled water for a diaper spray or you can mix a larger amount in with some Witch Hazel to help cure diaper rash issues.

I hope this is helpful and if you have any more questions definitely ask away...

Happy Bootie Cleaning!

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