Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 52: Week 1 - Around the House

I've always wanted to do Project 365 but knew there was no way I would keep up with it. I'm terrible with following through on stuff like that. Maybe because I like to do what I want to do and when you do something like that it feels more like a "have to" than a "want to". I'm hoping I can manage once a week though! We shall see.

Just yesterday I sat down with my camera manual and challenged myself to learn some new things. I saw the Project 52 idea on Love and Marriage and thought this would be a great way to practice and really get better at using my Rebel.

So here we go....Week 1 - Around the House.

It's January, which around here means reorganization. The closets are disaster areas and I'm ready to drag everything out, sort it, toss it, and reorganize it!


  1. I love that we are both doing this with different themes! It is going to be so interesting to see what kind of pictures you take this year!

  2. I like this shot. We just cleaned our linen closet yesterday. I had no idea it would take so long!


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