Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Scattered

Yesterday was a long day. For some reason our wonderful baby who had been sleeping through the night decided to stop over the weekend and wake up 3 times a night now. He also decided that he only wanted to take a 45 minute nap during the days and scream through the other 3 hours. It makes for a long day and a scattered mommy brain.

He is so precious but sometimes I feel like I might just lose it. For example...I decided to take a few minutes and tackle our tax returns yesterday which are normally simple, but this year we have some complicated relocation stuff that we have to deal with and just as I had gotten into deep thought...he decides its time to have a scream fest. I wanted to have a scream fest to. And I might have just let out a couple. Is that wrong? No that's normal...surely. Agh.

Then he surprises me and lets me eat dinner last night without interruption. He slept in this morning and I got a shower, a cup of coffee, and breakfast. He entertained himself for over an hour on the floor. Amazing. His baby smiles melt my heart and it suddenly makes up for the times I feel like I might bash my head into the wall.

I'm learning a lot about patience, a lot about balance, and a lot about selflessness. It's not an easy journey, but it is one I wouldn't trade for the world.

We've come a long way in 3.5 months. I used to pray that I would just make it till daylight and a cup of coffee. I can still be found wearing the same clothes for 3 days, showers don't come as often as they used to, and dinner might not be as spectacular, but the house is fairly clean, clothes are getting washed, and I am beginning to be able to complete projects again...slowly but surely.

Life might be normal one day....but really...what is normal anyways?

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  1. Give yourself a break, sounds like you are doing amazing!


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