Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mommy Time!

Today I am baby free! Mom came over and got Ethan so I could have some time to get myself organized around here. I've began the task of monthly meal planning, I've got some crafty stuff to work on for his birthday, his bathroom to finish up and some other things to do for his baby dedication coming up in a couple of weeks.

Whew! That sounds like a lot.

My mom probably has him over about once a month. It always comes at a time when I'm really bogged down and need time to refocus or finish up something that can't really get done while he's around.

I am so thankful to have someone I can trust to take care of him. I can't help but feel a little guilty though every time I "take a day off". As time has gone on, I've began to feel less and less guilty for it, but there's still that twinge of guilt there that will probably never leave.

In the end, I know I'm a better mom for having this bit of time to myself. We all deserve to "take a day off" here and there. I put that in quotations because in reality you never have a day off from being a mom. No matter where your baby is you will always be thinking about them or doing something for them.

I think we all need a little time to de-stress and take care of ourselves. I always feel so rejuvenated by the time he gets back. As nice as it is to have the house to myself for a little while, the silence starts to wear on me and I'm more than ready to hear all of his little baby babbles.

It's time for me to "seize the moment" and get all this stuff done that's been weighing on my mind lately!


  1. Me time is so important. Good for you for taking care of yourself.

  2. Me time is very important, and yes, as time passes, you will feel less guilty about it. I have been off on Fridays since mid May...hoping they'd all be beach days, but I've only gotten there once (but tomorrow is looking good!). But I've used the days to get projects done that I couldn't do with Tommy around needing attention, or done the laundry so I"m not using our QT time together on the weekend to do that. And grandmas LOVE that QT time with their grandbabies too!

  3. Mommy breaks are most definitely needed! And it's awesome that you have your mom right there to help you out and give you a chance to get things done. Hope you knock those "to-dos" out today!

  4. After reading this post and the one below, I think you definitely needed the day off...and guilt free! I'm sure Ethan is having a fabulous time, so there's nothing to feel guilty about. As far as doing everything perfectly the way you envisioned...good luck with that. For me, it works better to have my top priorities and try to do those the best I can. I try to do the things that fell second-class on my priorities list, but I don't beat myself up if they don't get done perfectly. You'll learn what works for you, but don't stress too much about it!

  5. Amen to that! I wish our family lived closer for that reason. We need to take care of ourselves AND take care of our household at times without a wee one at our feet! Hope you enjoyed!

  6. Don't feel guilty! Easier said than done, but everyone deserves a day off sometimes.....even moms!

  7. I hope you were able to get a lot done while your mom had Ethan! I think it's so healthy to take a day every now and then to yourself, to re-focus and be productive! And it's nice that your mom is the one that watches him on those days - that's precious time for them to have together!

  8. good for you girl!!! You def need some time to yourself and I'm sure you were able to get a ton of stuff done!! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  9. I agree! Mom breaks are always good for both the mom and the baby!!


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