Friday, July 29, 2011

What Will He Remember?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what kind of home I want to raise Ethan and future kids in. I'm not talking about the structure (because really, what does that matter?), but more about the atmosphere. When you think back on your childhood there's a certain feeling you get inside. Was it warm and loving, loud and busy, chaotic or structured, messy or clean?

I want Ethan to look back and remember eating family dinners together, everything being clean and organized, and growing up in a calm, loving atmosphere filled with family activities. Making that a reality is a big task though. It is going to take thought, planning, and some changing on me and my husbands part.

I know it doesn't bother him at less than one year of age, but I feel like this is my time to get my crap together so to speak. He already smiles when he sees Michael and I kiss or hug each other and shows concern if we are having a heated discussion. So I know it's time to start paying more attention to some of the things we do (or don't do) around here.

We are by no means living in chaos or without family values or direction, but I feel that we could do better. We need to focus on family dinners being more regular, some conversations between my husband and I should be kept behind closed doors, our faith needs to be more apparent in the household, and I should probably stop cursing.

It all sounds great in my head and I knew these were things I wanted for my children before we even had Ethan, but now it's time to focus on how we are going to get there.

I'm aware that this is a post without resolve, but it's just a way of showing where I am at in my thoughts. I'm sure there will be more to come on this matter soon. I hope at least it was thought provoking. What are some things that you and your husband do to make sure your family values are clear to your children?

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  1. I LOVE this post! love it! We are totally being challenged on this recently. My husband in particular is on my case about my sometimes-potty mouth. Its true, I don't want my 1.5 year old saying curse words, I need to keep it clean. And I already see E's eyes light up when we hug & she always wants in on it :) I think its so sweet!! This was such a great post.

  2. My husband and I need to sit down and really talk about how we want our children to remember their childhood. We have a little while before our son is born, and I know the important things but I need to come up with a plan on how to achieve our goals. I think it is really admirable that you're thinking about this :)

  3. This IS such a great post! I am actually planning a blog post of what I want our home to be like so that I keep myself accountable to it!
    We only get one shot, and yes there will be mistakes, but we've got to give it our all!

  4. Great post! So easy to think, oh she's just a baby ... we'll do these things and make these changes as she gets older. But you're right - the time is NOW. For sure. Time to go wash my mouth out with soap and start thinking about how I talk to my husband in front of her.

  5. I think a lot about this too. It's never to early to start. I keep saying I'll get it together one of these days, but all I can do are baby steps right now!

  6. Wonderful post! Totally get what you are saying here. With Jayden we would eat dinner in the living room because (heck he was one and we wanted to watch TV) but it was really hard to break him of that habit once we started it. Ya know?! There are lots of things I still want to change and we all are never going to be perfect, but I think you have the right idea. If it's in your heart to do... then do it! You are doing a great job!

    And the potty mouth... LORD, I struggle with that like NO OTHER! I didn't really curse at all NEVER said the F word until after my husbands affair came out. After that came out... I haven't been able to get control of it since. MY BAD all the way... and I need to STOP because Jayden repeats EVERYTHING! LOL.

    Great post dear!

  7. This was so great. I think about this on a daily basis with my daughter. I want her to look back with fondness and love.

  8. I agree! We also need to have some conversations after bedtime. Also...we need to stop cussing. Whoopsie! I've always had a potty mouth...that is going to be so hard. Thanks for the are right on the money! :)

  9. totally hear you!
    to anyone else our home would probably seem very clean, organized and peaceful... but i've been thinking along these lines, too.
    just wanting to push it a little further so *i'm* feeling like it's as clean, organized and peaceful as i want it to be... the ripple effect is amazing, too.
    when i feel like i have a handle on things versus when i feel overtaken by things.
    i'm just a better human when i feel like i'm on top of my to-do list, running the home i want to run.
    rad post... xo


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