Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why You Shouldn't Eat Breakfast Outside

1. You might forget that you left the highchair and breakfast plates outside because someone figured out how to stand in their highchair and threw a temper tantrum because you wouldn't let them and had to be taken immediately inside and put down for a nap.

Of course I took a picture. Mixed message? Maybe.

2. You might not remember all these items until lunch time when again screamfest has ensued because you failed to pay close attention to the clock.

3. You might find that a hundred million ants have overtaken afore mentioned items. (This is only a slight exaggeration.)

4. You might have to bring out a dish towel to swat off as many ants as possible so you can bring the items inside and continue the blood bath in the sink.

5. You might find that the high chair doesn't like being left in 100 degree heat and the parts have become loose when you drag it in and a piece that holds the tray on might snap off.

6. You might have to attempt to put said high chair back together while a panicky baby tries to get your attention anyway he can.

7. You might get everything put back together then find the missing spring that makes it all work and also requires you to take everything apart again.

8. You might notice halfway through lunch that ants are now crawling in your sons hair which you immediately kill.

9. You might look down and find that ants are now crawling all over your kitchen floor.

10. You might call your husband to complain and he might tell you that it's okay....the ants just wanted to come in and play with the 20 flies that annoy the crap out of you all day long.

That's right ants. Come join the flies. Mama's got a little something, something waiting for you....


  1. Oh no! This post has me laughing but totally sympathizing!

    I hope tomorrow holds less drama for you!

  2. Ok, I know I shouldn't laugh b/c I've had those days too...Hope it gets better tomorrow!

  3. yikes!! i would have freaked...ants are strange little creatures to me...but I think its awesome that ya'll did breakfast outside..how fun!!! Hope those ants find their way back outside!!

  4. I wish I could properly express my hate for flies...but I'm not sure I can. The buzzing? And omigosh those idiots get stuck in the weirdest places. IT literally drives me MAD.

  5. Ahhhh - I can totally relate to the freak out about the ants and flies! It's my least favorite part of warm weather!


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