Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Learning Moment...the Hard Way

Today was one of those "learning" days in life. You know the ones I'm talking about right? The ones where you come out saying..."Well, I'll never do that again." Let me share so I can save you these particular "learning" moments.

1. Don't let your husband schedule any appointments for you. 

Okay, okay. I asked him to schedule it because I don't like talking to auto mechanics because I am the stereotypical woman who has zero clue as to what anything related to the car means. He scheduled it right in the beginning of the first nap time which obviously means disaster.

Again. My fault. I gave no directions because some crazy virus had taken over my body at the time I asked him to do this.

I blame the virus.

2. When you are taking your car in for a problem with the breaks don't believe them when they say it should only take 2 hours.

Lies, all lies here folks. It took 7 hours!!! 

Let's let that sink in for a moment.... 

You and your 11 month old in a waiting room for 7 hours.

Who wants to jump off a cliff at that thought? too.

3. Throw out any scooped necked, v-necked, loose fitting neck tops you own immediately.

Even if said scoop neck top is no where near scandalous you will end up flashing all of the service team folks at Carmax as soon as you walk in with baby on your hip. 

You will not notice that your entire boob is hanging out until after you have started talking to a service member and happen to look down when they point out how cute your baby is which right next to your exposed boob. Covered with a bra mind you, but still, exposed. 

You will be mortified.

4. Be thankful that you are an over packer when it comes to your baby.

I was only expecting a 2 hour wait. I thankfully had packed enough diapers, formula, and food for the entire 7 hours. We were one hour away from emergency store run though for both diapers and formula. Geeze louise.

Oh yeah, and I packed the stroller on suggestion from the hubs. 


5. Don't forget to pack something for yourself.

Remember that virus? Yeah well let's just say I didn't eat anything for two days straight and what little I did eat didn't stay down very long. 


Anyways, when the only way to entertain your child is to walk the parking lot for the entire day and you have had nothing to eat or drink you start to feel light headed. 

You might start stealing some of your baby's lunch in fear that you will pass out if you don't.

You might put in an emergency SOS call to your husband to pick you up something. 

Your husband might be awesome enough to come bring you something, unfortunately he just drops it off and can't help with the bored of his mind child, but you might get food only if you're lucky.

6. It's okay to be afraid of germs.

The dealership had an amazing kid play area, but I was too afraid to use it. My SAH baby (who is still in that stick everything into his mouth stage) has been sheltered of germs for so long that I didn't want to risk using stuff that I had no idea the last time it had been wiped down.

4 hours into this ordeal I was cursing myself and ready to cave. 

As I walked up to the play zone I saw three kids hurling the baby toys across the room into the wall. These were no small baby toys (rocking horse, activity table, a walker) and these were no little children (8 to 10 year olds). 

Their parents?

Sitting right outside the window watching them. 

Ridiculous. People are stupid and inconsiderate. 

7. After sitting in the in the waiting room for 5 hours (errr walking around the parking lot) Carmax might decide to let you have a rental car.

Wait. This was an option?

Why didn't someone tell me this 5 hours ago?????

I shouldn't complain. I'm glad that at least my baby got some sleep for those last two hours and my legs were able to take a break.

8. Be thankful that you have a child that can handle it.

Even though this was a disaster of an experience, my baby kept it together for the most part. He was in a stroller all day, bored, and tired but he only had a couple of melt downs. I had to walk him around most of the day to keep him happy, but it could have been WAAAAAY worse.


  1. Oh my goodness. That sounds awful!

    At least the ordeal is over!

  2. I CAN.NOT.IMAGINE. That sounds just terrible! but it was an entertaining read for sure!

  3. I am the same when it comes to car stuff! Last time I went for an oil change they almost talked me into a$35 engine check that is free at autozone! Ugh hate how they take advantage of women!

  4. I'm so glad you survived and that Ethan was such a trooper. I would have gouged my eyes out!

  5. This is my worst nightmare. Maybe ever! (Well except those unruly students teacher dreams I used to have!)

    But still--congrats to you Momma for getting through. YOu deserve a glass (or bottle!) of wine!

  6. I have sat forever in a waiting room with a play area for my kid while the car got done, but I kind of don't want to ever do it again.

  7. Oh my goodness! It sounds like a day for the record books. Kudos on making it out unscathed!

  8. OMG!!!! Glad you came out of this experience with your sanity! Something I've learned is ALWAYS over pack the diaper bag, no matter what!! It really is the best tip to give anyone. I've made that mistake before and never will again!


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