Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

I tend to use Instagram and Twitter in clusters. I can go a week without either of them and then all the sudden I will post throughout the entire day. This week I took a lot of pictures so I thought I'd recap our week using them.

This week I packed up all the baby bottles. Ethan has been using sippy cups for a few weeks now and it was finally time to say goodbye to these.

 How is this happening already?

I know he isn't completely ready but I've started putting his food on a tray and offering him a spoon or fork. He is doing okay, but we still like to try and eat the plate at the end of the meal. Surprisingly though he hasn't been flipping it over as much as I thought he would and yeah, he has picked up the fork and spoon and tried to use them.

Lola is loving this new tray thing. Ethan tends to dangle it from the high chair once he's done and she doesn't hesitate to lick up the remnants. I got over the fear of doggie germs a long, long time ago!

I am crazily behind with my household duties this week. A holiday weekend means extra work around here. The hubs is working late nights, plus saturday, plus the holiday. A teething baby and an absent husband means the house is a disaster zone.

Ethan has gotten fairly good at entertaining himself. I can put him in his play pen upstairs while I get stuff done around here for up to an hour without him even batting an eye. I love that he's able to entertain himself, but I also love playing with him and thankfully, he still lets me.

Yesterday was an extremely hard day. After a full day of teething tears and no naps I gave in to whatever would make this little guy happy. He loves to look at himself so I grabbed the iPod and we made dada a little video. Actually several but, this is the shortest one. (He's kissing the baby at the end of it.) Love!

We do bath time around here when all else fails, dada is nowhere near coming home and mama's about to lose it.

One of the benefits of bath time is getting to squirt the baby with water. He finds it extremely entertaining and I have to admit I find it a little gratifying myself ;)

Payback in the most fun way possible.
With all these new teeth we have started brushing them! Surprisingly Ethan LOVES it. I'm thankful this isn't a battle!

Someone's first birthday is seriously almost 30 days away and I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I planned on getting a lot of things accomplished this week since we are on vacation next week, but Ethan had other plans for me. I was determined and stayed up well past midnight to finish some tissue poms. I still have a ton to go. Wish me luck!

I can always count on Lola to keep me company. She tried her best to stay awake with me last night. Speaking of Lola, I'm a little anxious to board her next week while we are away. It will be her first time and I have to admit she isn't handling being a sibling very well. She was meant to be an only child I think. 

One of my least favorite parts of the day is bottle washing. I have vowed to do this at night so I don't have an impatient baby in the morning, but I can't seem to get it done! 

Ethan woke up completely refreshed this morning after a full night of sleep. I think most of his teeth have broken through now so hopefully we are on the downhill slide and I will have my normally happy go lucky baby back!

I'm always so afraid I won't teach Ethan all that he needs to know. Are there books out there to help with this? I'd love to know. Recently he has learned how to do the stacker. I think I need to buy him a shape sorter soon!

Dada's in big trouble. Someone got into the coffee grounds this morning (and yes, he did eat a handful) that he left in a bag beside the trash can. Dada seems to be getting a bad wrap in this post, but really he's being awesome and working extremely hard for us this week. This little mistake though...bad dada :) I'm still waiting for the after effects of this one. 

Finally, I got my cold weather gear in for our trip to Yellowstone next week. There will be a low of upper 20's in WY and let's just say with it being almost 100 degrees here, I think I'm going to be in for some shock.

Hope you all had a fantastic week! 

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  1. Visiting Via Life Rearranged!
    Your little man is A-Dorable. I read his Bday is around 30 days away. Our little Stella is going to be 1 on 10-10! I'm so excited. We are working with sippy cups these days too. She doesn't seem too interested.

    Come visit me back :)

  2. the pics are so good, Ethan is a cutey!!!

    glad to know others like coffee as much as our crew does!!!

    thanks for letting me peek in!!!

  3. Oh I totally do the bath thing too during that time when it's not quite bedtime, but she's fussy and I don't know what else to do. That or check the mail!

    Those are really cute dinner plates. Where did you get them?

  4. What an adorable baby (as if you haven't heard that one before ;) right:). I'm stopping by from Life Rearranged. Have a great weekend.

  5. Ugh, I hate bottle washing too! I'm constantly making the promise that I will do it at night, but alas I cannot seem to stick to it.

    I'm doing tissue pom pom's for my little almost-one-year old's birthday too!


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