Thursday, September 1, 2011

Accent V-Log EEEKKS!

The V-Log is happening! Yikes.

1. Please excuse my snookie side bump. I've had to rock this thing for the last couple of months since I am growing out my bangs.

2. Please ignore my shifty eyes and shaky voice....videos make me nervous.

3. I talk with my hands and it makes the computer move so apologies in advance.

4. I totally slept in this shirt. It's only 8AM people.

5. I put on a bra just for you! 

Please God weigh in and don't leave me hanging and feeling like a fool for doing this video.

Southern-Valley Girl? Southern? Or something else? Do I sound like you expected?

If you would also like to jump on the bandwagon, click here to join in with Jenna.


  1. I think your accent is just Southern - and it's more southern than I expected! Not so sure about the Valley Girl part! Great vlog!

  2. I think that your accent is beautiful. I am from Texas and I don't seem to have one.. It makes me sad. You are very brave!

  3. I want a Southern accent, dammit! "please ignore the shifty eyes.." Hilarious. I think it's a great video!! So glad you did this! Yay for de-virginzed V-loggers!

  4. You are wayyyy more southern than I thought. And I love it. Southern girls always sound sweet ;)

  5. Look at you getting out there in the v-loggers! It's weird to watch on video and to know you in real life LOL. I'm pretty sure that last statement doesn't make sense but maybe you get it. It almost made me feel like we were back at work and you were doing a presentation :) Sorry that Ethan kept you up teething...Nolan got me with a 3am wake up call! These crazy babies!

  6. Ahhh your accent is soo cute!!! I love it! We say toilet the same!

  7. You are so brave! I hate my video voice...which means I probably hate my real voice. Good thing I get to hear the inside-my-head muddled voice i guess. Cute v-log, and you sounded exactly like yourself :)

  8. Oh my goodness, I laughed... I looove your southern accent! I have told my husband before that I want to live in the South, solely to pick up their (your) accent! Love it.

    Made me laugh about the "pop" and the "buggie"... also, why gran-daddy long legs, instead of just daddy long legs? Too funny!!!

  9. Hey, I literally just started reading your blog - how fun that I got to see your vlog day 1! And I totally say POP!! aahhh! I don't know any better!! :)

  10. Love it! Being from SC I do not think you have an accent at all!!! :) Lana

  11. You sound a lot more southern than I thought, but I LOVE IT! You're just too cute woman!


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