Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday


I'm so very thankful for Nordstrom and their free shipping/free returns because it is insanely hard to order shoes online. I needed a shoe re-haul this season since I've been wearing the same two pairs of $20 Target flats for the past THREE years. They now leak like crazy and was time to upgrade. 

I don't know exactly why I haven't done this sooner...laziness, pregnancy, fear of shoe shopping with toddler? Mainly the toddler. I can just envision shoes spread all over the place just like that time we walked past that oh, so neatly and well organized tie table at Men's Wearhouse. "So many pretty colors mommy!"

Anyways, I'm now fairly set with these new faves (minus a pair of boots I'm lusting after).

Fall Shoe Basics


I am so over Sami the Seal (A.K.A. the nebulizer). Pretty sure my kids despise him too despite his attempt at cuteness. Ethan is down to twice a day, but Jack is up to 4 times a day. Why, oh why must it be so loud and take so long! My children do not like sitting still no matter what bribes I place in front of them.

Over the past two weeks I've...

spent approximately 12 hours in the doctors office,
wrangled a child to use the nebulizer 54 times,
given over 40 doses of antibiotics
gone through countless tissues and wipes.


We have been throwing around the idea of saying goodbye to cable.


In all honesty, Ethan is the one who watches it most. It seems silly to chunk out what feels like major money for kids shows. Although, I do DVR Scandal and Parenthood and the hubs enjoys Gold Rush. Oh my word...most annoying show ever, but for some reason...we still watch.

Have you said goodbye to cable? What do you use instead? What do you do for internet???Tips/suggestions folks...I need them!


Confession*...I can only make things that have specific instructions.

3 Steps were clearly not enough to replicate this "easy" craft.

*This would also be a good time to confess that I have zero ability to visualize measurements without being able to physically compare them together. Hence the extraordinarily large eyes.* 


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  1. I am contemplating dropping cable too but it is Soooo hard cause I am a TV addict. My friend from ATl was here this weekend and she uses and I have also heard of Do you have an apple TV? Cause I think that would make the process so much easier. we LOVE ours. You can just buy some cartoons in iTunes to stream or copy DVDs to you iTunes to stream, or stream netflix.. anyway it makes streaming easier.
    So sorry everyone has been sick I am so nervous about this now that I have 2!

  2. We don't have cable! You can totallllyyy do without it. All you need is a roku or an apple tv. (Rokus are cheaper but apple is apple...) Then you get a subscription to hulu plus. Then you can watch all your favorite shows the day after they air. And if you have a netflix account you can stream movies from there through the roku.

    Its not that bad after a while. I miss not being able to watch the shows the same time as everyone else, but we save money doing it this way...

    Happy Friday!

  3. I want to get rid of cable, too. We both work outside the home so we are RARELY there. And yes, we use it mostly for children's shows. I do DVR Parenthood, but I recently discovered you can watch it the next day on the NBC app on your iPad - it's so easy! They have the whole current season on there! :) I've heard good things about the roku or apple tv like someone else mentioned, but honestly haven't researched them - it's on my to-do list! :)

  4. hi from the linkup! and now following...YAY!!! and, girl, we just dropped our cable. no completely though. we just have good ol' regular cable (like 20 channels-ish) digital tv. like the good ol' days!


  5. LOVE those two pairs of flats! I might have to purchase those ;)

  6. We have toyed around with the idea of tossing cable also, but we always end up keeping it, mostly because we have a TV/internet/phone bundle right now, and if we switched to just internet (We don't use the house phone - we get 10 calls a day for someone who doesn't even live here!) and got, say, a Netflix subscription, it would "only" save us about $20-$30. So...we keep it. But I have wanted Apple TV for years now, so, if I got rid of cable, I'd get that!

  7. Laura, as for the it just albuterol you are doing through the nebulizer or are your boys on pulmicort to? You can easily switch to inhalers with spacers and masks with albuterol inhaler 2 puffs every 4-6 hours as needed and the pulmicort could be switched to Qvar 80 2 puffs twice a day. It's a LOT faster. When they are really sick, the nebulizer can help as it has humidity which is great, but for most days, the inhaler with the spacer is time saving and works just as well. Just something to consider. Shoot me a note on FB if you want/need more details before talking to your pediatrician.


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