Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Can you believe that tomorrow this little guy will be THREE???

Photo by Overbay Photography

I've been referring to him as three for the past several months because in all reality he has already entered into the "typical" three year old state. Saturday will just make it all official and I guess justifiable. Bring on more "Whys?" kid! I'm ready...sort of. He stumps me more than I ever thought he would. And yes, sheepishly I admit sometimes I answer with "Because I said so!".

Although he's "too old" for monthly updates, I do think I at least owe him a once a year letter. And maybe, if I get around to it, another little interview session like this one** which should be quite entertaining.

E Baby,

It is so hard to believe you have been with us for three years. For some reason this birthday hasn't hit me quite as hard as your previous two, but I think it is because I have seen the "age shift" take place a few months ago and in my head you are already such a big boy. No worries though, in my heart you will always be my baby. The first one. The one that made me mom.

You are and most likely will always be my fiercely independent little guy. You are quick to try new things and lend a helping hand. You are a true first born in every way. Once you get your mind on something there is no stopping you. Sometimes you and I butt heads, but only because we are one in the same. You are my mini me in so many ways. 

This year you became a big brother and you have taken on that role with a happy heart. You love your "baby Jack", are quick to show him off and most certainly look out for him. I could not be more proud! It certainly can't be easy to share everyone and everything but you have.

I look forward to embracing another year of "littleness" with you. There certainly won't be many more of these as time seems to be moving quicker than I ever dreamed it could. My favorite moments are watching you run around the backyard truly wild and free and chatting with you about your day on the way home from school. I soak up the moments when you want to hold my hand or put your head on my chest. I know those days are fleeting and I hope to have them in my memory bank for years to come. 

Ethan, I love you so much. You are my wild man, the one who gives me grey hairs and one I couldn't imagine my life without. Happy birthday baby!


**Do you have questions for Ethan? Put them in the comment section. I'll ask during our next video and Ethan will decide whether or not you will be rewarded with an answer!**

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  1. Aww Happy Birthday Ethan! He's such a sweet boy :)

  2. How sweet is he! I wonder where our first little babies went? Sigh. They're so big.

  3. Ethan, what's your favorite thing to do with your Mom?
    Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy belated birthday sweet E! I totally answer with "because I said so"...kind of a lot!

  5. Ask Ethan what is his most favorite Toy? or thing to play with? Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


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