Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet Rascal...

First of all I want you all to know it took A LOT of picture taking to get one decent picture in which this cat did not look mad. Maybe the reason for his unhappy eyes was the annoying flash of my camera, but even after I turned it off he was still anticipating it every time I tried to get him to look at me.

In the end, this was my favorite shot. Meet Rascal - the neighbor cat.

This cat is my pretend pet because he really lives next door. He comes to visit every once in awhile and sometimes thinks our house is his. The best part of having a pretend pet is that I get to avoid all the annoying pet owner tasks such as taking him to the vet or feeding him.

He usually sleeps under our bay window and will greet us with a nice friendly roll and his lion like yawn as we get out of the car. Don't be fooled though - he might show you the oh so furry pet me belly, but as soon as you reach to give it a rub - he will bite. See, Rascal is the typical temperamental cat. You kind of have to walk on egg shells around him. You just never know what kind of mood he might be in.

One thing for sure is that he never wants to play. Unlike any cat I have ever met, he is completely devoid of any interest in string. So sad. He only wants lovin' and lots of it. He will come in for a quick visit to get a good rub down, then he will head for the door. He also has a way of making sure you notice him. If I sit on the couch to check the mail he will knock it out of my hand to make himself a spot on my lap to be rubbed.

I don't know what it is about him, but every time I see him when I go to the car I just have to stop and talk to him and give him a quick pet no matter how late I may be. I just can't help thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have the life of a cat?


  1. We have two black pets. Taking a picture of them is a nightmare. I sometimes fancy painting them first just to get a decent picture. The cat wouldn't stand it, but the mutt would just sit there, tongue lolling in his happy stupid way, while I paint pink spots all over him.

  2. Aww he is cute! Cat is the best!! I am a cat person. I used to have six cats total in Hawaii and Tokyo. My parents and my sister are taking care of them although three of them had already passed:( Since then, I don't have the courage to get another cat because I am not sure if I can go through the pain of losing them...

    My daughters want to have a kitty for Christams and I said 'no'. My husband is pushing me for it, so we'll see what happens.

  3. I love cats! But I think I need an older, mellow cat at this point in my life. We had kittens for a while and they drove us nuts. Not to mention they didn't do so well with the bebe around. :(

    Neighbor cats, though, are great!

  4. Just stopping by from SITS to say hi, and realized we have a lot in it when that happens.

    Funny coincidence: When we first moved into our house, we had all the doors open, moving things here and there. Suddenly, we realize there is a huuuge orange longhair tabby sitting on a pile of boxes. Friendly, loving, happy cat. In our house. With no interest in leaving. Turns out it was the neighbor cat, Tiger, and we've been friends ever since. We don't go anywhere without saying hi to Tiger and giving him a scratch or two.

  5. I love cats, too. I have one and he is the most adorable ever. Too bad though, my fiance's allergic. Now I have to give my cat up. I'm so sad...


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