Thursday, March 3, 2011

At the Moment: A Collection of Random Thoughts

Yesterday my dad, Ethan and I drove to Clarksville to visit my sister. It freaking amazes me just how much stuff a baby requires. You would have thought we were going for a week and we weren't even staying the night although we might as well have.

From the pack-n-play, to a bag full of diapers, the bumbo seat, 4 bottles, formula, cereal, a bowl, 4 outfits, multiple toys, an activity mat, the monitor, a blanket, burp cloths, bibs, and a small would have thought that would have covered everything...but no, I forgot a spoon. A silly spoon and our world almost crashed down at cereal time. Geeze louise you have to be on your game as a mom! Thankfully she just happened to have a baby spoon. I thought I was going to have to resort to feeding him with my finger. Ridiculous.

I'm feeling a little creative spark today and since I can't think of anything else to do with it, I think I'll bake. My mom recently received a wonderful cookbook full of sweet stuff. Since she's on a diet, she let me borrow it. I've discovered it's a book I've just gotta own. Add this to my birthday list please!

My only problem now is deciding what to bake! Maybe some Carrot Cream Cheese Muffins, or Marshmallow Fudge Brownies, or Hungarian Crisscross Cookies? Whatever I cook, it will be fattening, and I will be forced to give most of it away. Any takers?
I've been thinking about going green with my cleaning supplies. A lot of times I clean with Ethan in the Moby wrap because it keeps him entertained and I don't have to constantly stop what I am doing. It's a work out too! 13 pounds of lifting each time I squat down to pick stuff off the floor...and we usually have a lot of stuff on the floor!

Anyways, it got me to thinking about chemicals and how I should really try some home cleaning solutions. Plus it will help reduce the amount of "stuff" I have to store since most home remedies work for multiple things. Now I just need to get rid of all my cleaners on hand...they are too expensive to just throw out!

Speaking of working out. I've been working towards a weight loss goal of 15 pounds which would put me 10 pounds under the weight I was before I got pregnant. In two months I've lost 8 pounds without even putting in too much effort! Yay me! I feel better already.  I've been walking about 1.5 to 2 miles a day with Ethan and Lola and everyones happier because of it. Getting out of the house and into some fresh air is so nice!

I think it's about time I start with an actual work out plan though. Although I'm 3 pounds under the before pregnant weight....I still don't look the same. Tightening up is needed and it's going to take some ab work to get there. Here's a look at my 5wk preggo pic...where's that stomach these days???

Maybe I should rethink my baking plans...

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