Friday, March 4, 2011

One Day I'll Have Hobbies

Yesterday was a complete and utter fail. I had beautiful plans of actually getting dressed and baking up some delicious treats. Ethan, however, had other plans which included a no nap, very fussy, entertain me constantly type of day.

I decided to fight through it. My day was going to happen. I got dressed through the crying fits while dancing and singing. As soon as I was done, I picked him up and he threw up all over the front of my cute shirt. I immediately changed back to my yoga pants and T-shirt. Apparently there IS a reason I dress like this every day. I had just momentarily forgotten and thought it was just because I was lazy.

We then headed out on our daily walk, which usually ends up being a few moments of peace where I can think things out. Lola decided she wanted to run from one side of the stroller to the other nearly decapitating my little E...okay that's an exaggeration...but the leash did make it very close to his neck. I carried her the rest of the way.

Since I had a happy baby, I thought it would be a good time to head to the store and get my baking supplies. The store trip went perfectly with the exception that he fell asleep on the way back home. Although that would normally be a good thing, I was solely depending on the afternoon nap to do my baking.

We get back to the house, I rock him for 20 minutes, put him down...and you guessed it....he was wide awake. Apparently his cat nap at the store was sufficient enough for him. So I give up and try to put him in the bumbo seat to watch me. Fail. Blood curdling screams. I give him a bottle, try again. Still a no go.

At this point, I called it a day. I put him in his swing. I turned on the TV and dreamed of a happy hour! As soon as the hubby got home I locked myself in the bathroom to paint my nails which sadly hadn't been done since right after E's birth. Those 20 minutes made all the difference. I had a small success, yay!

Yesterday was mostly a failure, but today is a new day. Today, we will tackle the garden. It may fail too, but at least I'm trying and one will happen. I will have hobbies again.


  1. You know what? Sometimes just getting through the day is an accomplishment!! :)And raising that beautiful baby? That is a HUGE accomplishment.

    Hang in there!

  2. I've had days like that too! Sometimes it seems like you just can't win. But you get to relish in those little victories that would have seemed so insignificant before baby. You're not alone :)

  3. I love the title. I hate those days, but you're right - today is a new day. It does get easier when they get up a little bit older. I promise.

  4. We all have those days! It's the little things {like being able to paint our nails} that make the biggest difference after a stressful day. Hope you got your baking done today!

  5. Wow, I thought I was the only who used the locking-myself-in-the-bathroom move. :) You have to do what you have to do sometimes!!


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