Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Scene

This weekend was supposed to be a fun little "Remember when we were just Michael and Laura?" getaway. One of Michael's friends got his wings this weekend and we thought we would come down and celebrate and leave Ethan at home with his Papa.

Apparently the Teething Monster decided this weekend was also the perfect weekend to come visit us for the first time so we have a little extra baggage. I have to admit E's been a better traveler than I thought he would be. More of that story to come once we get back.

Saturday Morning Scene


  1. Hope you a good trip down! Ethan looks so cute in the bed!

  2. I'm so nervous to travel with Emeline. Hope to hear it went great!

  3. good luck! enjoy the time out of the house :)

  4. hope the rest of the weekend goes well - love the pic!

  5. that was one of my FAVORITE sleepers- the ON one that E's wearing! glad to hear he's a good little traveler! hope the rest of your weekend goes well- and that the teething monster vacates the premises soon!

  6. at least he looks happy and he's been good for you! :)

    happy saturday! xoxo

  7. I want to hear the rest of the story! Beautiful blog btw :)


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