Thursday, March 10, 2011

Watch out! I May Just Jump.

The other night I had to take a health survey for my husbands work. It's an annual thing that the company actually pays us to do and afterwards you can complete certain recommended programs to earn more money.

Normally I'm super excited to do this because it an easy way to earn a good sum of money. But this year....apparently...according to the survey....I'm depressed.

Really? Really.

I blame it on the questioning.

Sample Questions (to the best of my memory)

1. How often do you feel guilty.......Ummmm, as a mother...that's pretty constant. I feel guilty when I let my baby cry so I can get something done. I feel guilty when I look at our finances and wonder if we can give him everything he wants/needs. I feel guilty when I am on this computer instead of playing with him....on, and on, and on.

2. Do you feel lonely........Why yes survey I think I do. I spend most of my day with a 5 month old and a dog. Neither of them speak my language. So yes, sometimes I wish I had a co-worker to hash out the day with.

3. Do feel tired during the day....Yes? A baby means go, go, go. By the end of the day...I'm done. And by the way....who doesn't feel tired during the day???

4. How's your hygiene....It could be better. I mean really. Showers don't come as often as they used to and clothing....well it's whatever is comfy or possibly even what I had on the day before. What's the use. I get puked on and peed on fairly often. I'm not gonna break out my good stuff!

5. Have you had a significant weight change this year........duh. Not going there.

6. Have you had any major life changes such as a job change or a move? Check and check....oh and one more stupid, nosey survey.......a BABY!

I think they think I might jump off the ledge any day now. A big red box popped up recommending I seek professional health.

In the meantime I'm supposed to be managing negative thoughts. Honestly. I'm supposed to record the number of times I have a negative thought during the day. Wow.

***Disclaimer*** Depression is serious stuff and I'm in no way belittling anyone who is. I am solely making fun of this particular survey. I'm not depressed just dealing with adjustments of being a new mom. So, rest assured, I'm not jumping any time soon.


  1. Maybe you can just focus on the making money part? There should be "are you a new mother" question - if checked yes then just skip to the end and take a nap.

  2. Ayiyi. That is just poor timing, haha!

  3. That is kinda like when I stepped on the wii fit at 9 months pregnant and it asked me every questions except "Are you pregnant?". Sooo, I was "obese". Survey needs to ask ONE more question!


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