Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 52 - Final Catchup

Week 9: Diaper Lineup

Now that it's finally warm outside, I'm going to try and line dry my diapers to save a little energy. Just another step towards being green (and cheap)!

Week 10: I Haven't Killed It Yet

Michael gave me a beautiful orchid for Valentine's day and much to my surprise, it's still alive. I'm notorious for killing house plants, although I can manage to grow a garden outside. I guess God lends me a helping hand outside. If your silent in this house....I'll probably forget to feed you.

Week 11: Lola in the Morning Light

I have to say Lola is the hardest subject for me to capture. She always ends up blurry or has her eyes closed. This time I bribed her to pose with Cheerios and had to deal with shooting her in direct light.


  1. Lola is so, so cute!

    Even though we don't have any babies just yet, I still find myself browsing and researching constantly about babies, and the whole shebang. Do you love the cloth diapers? I've started leaning towards those especially if I can stay home. What do you love about them??

  2. The composition and colors in that dipe pic is SO perfect!! I love it!!

  3. love those pictures, mama! and sweet lola.. love her, too!

  4. Love the diaper picture! REALLY makes me feel like I should hang something outside to dry, haha! ;-)

  5. I love the colorful diaper picture! Good camera work! We did loads of laundry at the in-laws last night LOL...hopefully the washer will be fixed today!


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