Friday, March 11, 2011

I Feel Like a New Woman

The other day my mom and I did some shopping for E and maybe a little shopping for me. While we were out, I seized the opportunity to go to Victoria's Secret. Although I've been needing new bras for some time now, I just couldn't fathom doing it with the baby. So, since I had mom to keep him entertained, I decided to get fitted and thank God I did!

The lady brought me back to the fitting room where they amazingly have every bra type. I didn't even have to shop around. It made things so much easier. She measured me and I dropped a bandwidth size and went up a cup size. Heck yeah! Now while I would like to pretend that I've shrunk two inches....I really just think I was wearing the wrong size all this time. Oh well.

Then she brought me back bras that she thought I might like and came back every time to check the fit and see where we needed to go from there. In my past life (the one before I was a mom) I would have been a little uncomfortable having some stranger in the dressing room with me in just my bra. Today, after childbirth, I could care less. It's amazing what having a child does to your modesty......throws it right out the window.

Let's just say, I feel like a new woman!

Today I think I will go do a little spring shopping. Wish me luck! I think I can finally try on clothes without feeling disgusted about my body....well as long as I don't sit down! It all comes with time right?

To quote Bethenny Frankel from her bra shopping experience - "I'm Back!".......well mostly. I tried to find the clip, but didn't find anything appropriate. Imagine that.


  1. I need to do this, and have been thinking about it for a while now. And I agree...modesty? Out the window. ;)

  2. Never under estimate the power of a good bra!


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