Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Joyful Giving

I wish I could say that I'm a giving person, but truthfully that is not the case. For some reason I never get excited about giving gifts. I always focus on the downside...what if they don't like it, I don't know what they want/need, there are a billion other things that we actually need to spend money on, I just don't have time.

Recently I've realized how lucky I am to have so many loving people in my life. When you have a baby, you suddenly have to rely on others to help you out with certain things and we've had a lot people step up to that plate. It made me wonder if they have any idea on how much we appreciate them?

I think I make things too complicated sometimes. I over think things and all of the sudden it seems too difficult to do. I feel like I need a theme, a five course dinner, everything to coordinate and by the time I've figured all that out I'm stressed and have seriously put in a lot of unnecessary time and money. But in all reality, giving doesn't have to be costly or even time consuming. It could be a meal, a card, or a small gift. It is, as they say, the thought that counts because that's really what it's all about....showing someone you care.

The most important thing is that I learn to do it happily and to realize that it's not a burden. I want to be able to show people I truly care and appreciate them and become more of a selfless person. Because really that's what it boils down to....I've been to selfish to give.

P.S. - Don't foget to "like" this little blog on facebook. I appreciate it...truly :)

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