Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Sunshine


You truly are the light to my day. You are such a happy child! Your smile and laugh are infectious. The littlest thing can make you start laughing or give your big smile. Before you know it everyone else is smiling or laughing right along with you.

I'm so lucky to be your mom. You make me feel so special. You light up the moment I walk in the room. You make my heart melt when I peak over your crib in the mornings and see you smiling back at me. Who knew I could love such a drooly, poopy bundle of joy so much? And I do love you. Unconditionally. A love no one knows or understands until they become a parent. Thank you for giving me that!


  1. Laura...this is the sweetest post! Love it!! :)

  2. He is so precious! What a sweet post!

  3. i just love this picture. the expression and little ear sticking out are beyond adorable. such a sweet post.

  4. So cute. It's a great photo.


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