Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pick A Peck of Apples

The day after E's party, I knew I had to just get out of the house (let's face it, I wanted to escape the massive mess left behind) so I figured we might as well have some fall fun and go apple picking. It actually turns out that apple picking is really more of a summer thing here in Tennessee and I had a pretty hard time finding anywhere that was still open, but I was determined. 

My house guests (Natalie and Nolan) and Ethan and I loaded up on the 45 minute trek to Pratt Farms in Lebanon, TN where we were greeted by a nice older gentleman who informed us where the apple trees were. 

I'd come with zero plan as to what to do with the apples so I asked what these particular apples were good for and he shrugged and said well they are hard as rocks so I guess you could bake them? That's when I knew...this is going to be mostly just a photo opportunity!


I'm still very determined to find out something to do with my pound and a half of apples. Surely they are good for something right? Next year I'll make sure we will go earlier in the year. In fact, I may be more interested in trying berry picking next year. Strawberry pie anyone? Blueberry Muffins? Blackberry Cobbler. Yes, please! Ethan will have a blast picking lots of those! 


  1. Maybe you could make apple sauce with them?

    And both Ethan and Nolan are SO cute! I'm sure the boys had a lot of fun together :-)

  2. We had a great time...and you did a wonderful job on the party! Can't wait to see all the pics!

  3. Yum!! how fun! And such CUTE pictures!!

  4. Well, even if it wasn't quite the "Experience" you were looking for, you got some great photos!

  5. Oh this is fun...I still need to do some apple picking! Great photos:-)


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