Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Sweetest Day

Ethan and I wanted to thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! A few of you have asked about how the balloon surprise turned out so I thought I would report.

It was a huge success! We snuck into his room while he was sleeping the night before his birthday and scattered them all over the floor. The next morning we rushed up there when we here "uh! uh!" over the monitor. I'm sure he was pointing at them. 

He was thrilled! We threw them all in the crib with him which he thought was funny. I could tell that he felt special which was absolutely the point. I can't take credit for this idea though. When I was younger, I always woke up to balloons and presents on my bed on my birthday thanks to my mom. I loved it and was excited to do it for Ethan.

We opened a present after he got out of bed which was an experience all in itself. I definitely won't be pushing present opening on his party day! I'm going to leave it up to him. It's a super slow process and takes a lot of encouragement haha.

Please excuse the obviously disorganized closet behind him...that's where I stash all the crap he's grown out of. He constantly goes in his closet to play with it, hence the reason it's disorganized.

His Bebe and Aunt Chrissy stopped by later on that morning for a little bit more present opening. My mom tried to teach him some present opening etiquette by having him open his card first. Turns out the card was the hit of the day. In fact we had to put it in all three presents to even get him interested in opening them. Who knew?

I was obviously knee deep in party planning yesterday, but I was determined to have a fun little outing for him. We decided to go get some pumpkins for the front porch and Ethan had so much fun looking at them all. I think we visited this place 3 times last year after he was just born and I'm pretty sure he slept through almost every trip.

It was a very sweet day and Ethan was a very happy boy! I'm even more excited for his party on Sunday now. I think he is going to be thrilled! Let's just hope he starts feeling better. He started getting a temperature this morning. I'm hoping it's just due to teething though and not sickness. Fingers crossed!


  1. I love the balloon idea! I'm totally stealing that from you one of these days! :-)

    He looks ridiculously happy opening that present!

  2. I love that pic with the puppy!!! So cute...can't wait 'til Saturday!

  3. What a sweet little guy. I love the balloon idea!

  4. Those pictures are THE sweetest! He just looks beyond happy- oh those expressions! What a morning :) Have a great party weekend, you guys! Hopefully it's just a quick teething temp and he'll be in rare form for Sunday! :) Fingers crossed in MD!

  5. I love it! What a great idea. It must have been so fun to see the look on his face. Adorable!

  6. That is a GREAT idea! I am totally gonna steal that one from you!
    Happy Birthday little Ethan!

  7. So cute and what an awesome idea for a bday! I bet he did feel so special!

  8. I love the balloon idea! I hope he had the best day!

  9. I love it! Truly was the sweetest day.

  10. oh what a great tradition you get to do with YOUR children now! I love it!! you can tell he did too :)

    p.s. you look gorg!

  11. How sweet! So happy to hear that you and yours had an amazing day! By the way, I'm totally stealing that balloon/present idea...LOVING the tradition!

  12. This is so cute. We hung balloons around the door frame to the patio the night before evalyn's party and in the morning she came out and shouted "OH BALL BALL BALL" and when she saw the display with the monthly pictures of herself she said "BAYYYY" (Baby). It was so sweet. I didn't expect her to notice any of it.

    I am so glad you guys had a great day on his birthday. Have a blast at the party tomorrow! can't wait to hear about it.

    P.S. You are SO PRETTY!

  13. Look like a perfect day! Love the balloons! And I think we have the same crib in a different color. JCP Bella?


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