Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Make a Peppermint Wreath

I wish I could say that I came up with this sweet little wreath on my own, but no, it is another Pinterest inspired creation! It is super simple to make, doesn't take a whole lot of time and I think it turned out fabulous.

Here are the supplies you will need to get started:
        1 - 18in Styrofoam or straw wreath form (make sure they have rounded edges so the peppermints can wrap around...not the flat square type)
Red Florist ribbon - I had a 4yd roll of this but ended up needing just a tad extra and I do mean a will see in the pics below. So buy more or get that and use some extra you have laying around.
5 bags of peppermints
Hot glue gun
Clear High Gloss Acrylic Spray (or some other protective spray)
Decorative ribbon

Alright now that you have all of your supplies let's get started! If you bought a straw wreath like me be sure to leave the plastic wrap just makes things easier I think. Take you florist ribbon and start wrapping! I used a couple of straight pins to secure the edge of the florist ribbon.

This is what it looks like when it is finished and as you can see I did need a tad extra. Don't worry it will be covered with a bow in the end so if this happens to you, no big deal!

This is the fun part....start hot gluing your peppermints! By the way I found it was waaaaay cheaper to get peppermints at Dollar General than Target. Target was $2.50 a bag and DG was $1.50. Maybe you can find a better deal than me? I found that it is best to lay them in a diagonal brick pattern. You will have spaces in-between them so don't freak out. Also you can pull them off and start over if your pattern gets messed up (this happened to me a couple of times). As far as how many to do on the edges...I just put them where you would see them so use your best judgement.

Once you are done with that, take peppermint wreath outside to spray with the acrylic. FYI, this stuff is super smelly and I attempted this in my garage. Not smart. I'm pretty sure my husband and I could have died from fumes that night as the smell had crept into our bedroom (it's a hop skip and a jump away from the garage). Anyways....this will need 24 hours to dry so plan accordingly. Also this step is super important because it will protect the candy from getting wet and sticky. No one wants to repaint a door right? Right. 

Now for the bow. Once it's dry take your decorative ribbon and make a loop to hang on your wreath hanger. Then take some more and make a pretty bow (mine's a little droopy, but what can you do?). I hot glued the edges to make it prettier and voila...peppermint wreath!

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  1. OMG WHY didn't I see this sooner?!?! I'll have to catalog that for next year... I just love this wreath! You did a great job :)

  2. I absolutely love this and have been waiting for things to settle down before I take on a new project! Yours looks fantastic! Stopping by from Serenity Now!

  3. It looks gorgeous! Love the contrast agains your door.
    AND it's multi purposeful. If you get hungry, you can even lick it. Of course, only after you scraped the acrylic spray off.

  4. You did such a good job with this wreath! I think this will be my project next year. I made an ornament wreath which was much more time consuming than expected! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  5. Your wreath looks wonderful! For years and years I've wanted to make a wreath like this and never have. I once read to store it in the freezer so it will keep from year to year.

    I'm visiting from Amanda's party at Serenity Now.

  6. I love this wreath!! I keep meaning to do one, but chicken out. I'm so OCD, I'm nervous I'll just want to keep starting over to get everything perfect.

  7. sooooooooooo cute! love it!

  8. The peppermint wreath is soooo cute!! Love this!


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