Friday, December 9, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

After the last post I feel like we are in need of a mood lifter, but first I wanted to say THANK YOU all for everything. One of the major reasons I love the blog world is that you can find plenty of people who have had similar experiences and are willing to share both information and support. So, THANK YOU!

Okay so I had this written up yesterday and was going to try to insert some cute pics but it's just not happening. Christmastime is crazy time right? Yep, that's my excuse.

1. Ethan has recently found his belly button. He thinks it is so very funny and I think it is super cute. He can even lift his little shirt to show you and that makes it extra cute. 

2. My husband surprised me with some glitter nail polish. We are trying to refrain from extra expenditures right now, but after he saw me coveting this particular shade in a magazine he took action. He actually took the advertisement to the store and asked for it. I was impressed. 

3. No lie, the other day I went to put Ethan's shoes on and all the sudden they didn't fit. His feet must have grown overnight. Is that possible? Anyways I obviously had to get him new shoes and they came in the other day! They are the just the cutest baby vans you have ever seen, promise (this is where a picture would come in handy, oh well, take my word for it). And no, the price tag did not make me smile, but we won't talk about that.

4. Tonight is our first holiday get-together and all I have to do is bring an artichoke dip and show up to eat. Fantastic! That's my kind of get-together. 

5. I successfully made returns to 4 places yesterday. It was almost 5 places but I decided $3 was not worth waiting in a long line at Joannes. Our Joannes consistently has long lines and my baby...consistently cries there. What is up with that? Ahem...back to smiling...4 returns is a big feat for this mom and baby. Now I just lack Hobby Lobby and the post office (2 very excruciating places to make returns at...just me?).

6. My Christmas cards came in a day early and are all addressed and mostly stuffed. Waiting on stamps (yep, I hate the post office so much that I ordered stamps...totally worth the extra $1). I was satisfied with how they turned out considering how unsuccessful our mini photo shoot was the other day. Can't wait to show them off!

7. Ethan just woke up (currently 8:29AM) and is beginning his day (and mine) with a hearty "ho, ho, ho!". Who knew 14 month olds could be so excited about Christmas. I love it!

Happy Friday!


  1. Ethan says HO HO HO?! Oh my heart just melted!!

    And... your husband? Omg. I just couldn't believe what I was reading... what an observant man... and to take a picture to the store and ask to get THAT... WOW! I am speechless.

    have a great weekend!!

  2. I cannot believe your husband even took the ad with him! major points! And yes, I hate returning things to Joannes and Hobby Lobby, both are awful!

  3. Wow, major points for the hubby for sure! I have had my cards addressed and sealed for over a week but still haven't gotten stamps. I suck. Maybe today? But probably not. Also, I didn't get to comment yesterday but I was reading and definitely praying as you guys are on this journey.

  4. Uuugh dreading my upcoming trip to joanns. But the yarn wrapped letter W for the door will be worth it, right? And yay for thoughtful husbands!

  5. A baby saying "ho ho ho" has to be the cutest thing ever. Get that on video!

  6. You need to record him doing "ho, ho, ho!" Or do a greeting card that you can record it. That would be too cute! Have fun at your holiday get together :)


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