Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You've Got Mail!

Well it's finally time to show off this year's Christmas card. It was a challenge this year for sure and honestly, I really put it off until last minute. I originally started out wanting to do THE pinterest shot...you know...the ones with the pretty lights in the background. Yeah...that didn't quite work out.

So we went to plan B which was to head outside...you know...with all the dead grass, barren trees, and a hellacious amount of wind. Did I mention that our toddler was on the run that day? Totally uncooperative. But cute...very cute.

I was in a lousy mood. My camera wasn't focusing properly and yes I am blaming the camera not the user. I'm pretty sure my 50mm has some focus issues but I need to do some more testing before I'm sure. I know I'm no photographer but when everyone is still and I have the little red focus dot right on my child's face and I still get a soft picture...something isn't quite right.


We did start to get some decent shots. I ended up with 5 possible Christmas card worthy pictures out of the 150 plus I took that day.

It took a lot of chasing, some bitching and a whole lot of patience from my very dear husband, but we finally got our shot...

We used Shutterfly for the second year in a row and I couldn't have been happier. It took me forever to decide on a card because they were all so great!  The following picture for the back and it's actually my favorite.

Good thing Christmas card pictures only come once a year right? Shew!


  1. haha that sounds like quite a time! I'm glad you ended up with one though - and it's so cute!

  2. The card looks great! What a cutie!

  3. Love those pictures of him! What a cute card!

  4. They turned out great!! I tried to get a picture of Jamie with a Santa hat on. Yeah right. Big fail!

  5. Great choice! That is an adorable card...and even cuter little boy!

  6. Love the pictures! We took family photos this Fall and the photographer took over 350 of them just to get ONE decent one of the 5 of us (2 parents, 3 kids)! You better believe I blew up that sucker huge and framed it!

  7. So cute! Isn't it funny how we all (myself included) stage Christmas pictures? Next year I am going to try to use one we already have....let's see if I can do it!

  8. I LOVE your Christmas card, what a great picture!!


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