Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Forward to 2012!

I'm in the midst of making a really cool year end wrap up (or well, I'm hoping it turns out cool anyways). In the mean time I might as well skip ahead and talk about what I'm hoping to accomplish in 2012. 

First let's glimpse back at the last couple of years...2009 I focused on learning to let go, 2010 was about becoming a happier person, and 2011 was about learning to become a mom and housewife. 

I feel like this year I'm simply going to aim to build on what I learned in 2011. Motherhood is about rolling with the punches and constantly tackling new challenges. I'll never have all the answers when it comes to raising my child or the perfect system for running our house. I simply want to always aim to do better while being happy with where I'm at. If 2012 brings what I think it is going to bring, then I know there will be lots of new challenges and changes in our lives but I also know there will be some amazing rewards. 

In 2012 I hope to perfect my role as a SAHM, live a little greener, and get our family financially set. I want to concentrate more on my hobbies and hopefully add on a side business of my own so I can contribute to our income. I want to grow in my faith and be more of the person that I would like my son to remember me as being. Most importantly I want to slow down and live in the moment. These years are flying by too fast and I have a feeling that these next few years will be the ones that I miss the most when I look back on life. 

Even years are normally big years for us around here but only time will tell what 2012 will bring!


  1. beautiful. i hope for all these things as well! may we both get what we have dreamed for in 2012 :)

  2. Happy 2012! I totally agree on this mom thing...definitely has quite the learning curve. And these years ARE flying by way too fast, but how amazing it is to watch them grow!

  3. Yes to all of yours. I love them. Especially more financially set. Target kinda takes the wind our of that goal for me, but maybe I'll be able to stay strong...


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