Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Few More Jackson Updates

Thank you so much for all the love on our gender reveal video! We are so happy to be having another boy and can't wait for him to get here so all the fun (errr...trouble) can begin. I have high hopes for Ethan and Jackson to be the best of friends later on. Hopefully their closeness in age will help this as well. I see them being involved in so many of the same things, but of course if they have different interests that will be fun as well.

We had so much fun making the video. Sadly it almost didn't happen. I put things off to the last minute and up until the morning of our appointment I thought we would not be finding out that day until we opened the box. Of course, we didn't have people lined up to get balloons and sneak them in the box I hadn't made yet so that didn't exactly pan out. So we found out at the appointment (hence the lack of surprise on me and my husband's faces in the video...we really do need to work on our acting skills!), but it was all for the best. It made making the video so much more of a fun process and really all the joy was in watching Ethan open the box full of balloons. 

Speaking of Ethan, he has no idea what is coming. I'm pretty sure he won't grasp it until Jackson is here either. We try to explain that he will be a big brother and that there is a baby in mommy's stomach at which he promptly lifts up his shirt and points to his belly and says "Baby!". For now, he's in love with his new blue balloons. 

Some of you may be wondering why we picked the name Jackson and really...just like the name Ethan...we picked it because we like it. I've been in love with the name Jackson ever since watching Steele Magnolias. It just sounds so southern. People are already coming up with nicknames of course...Jack, J.R (whatever as long as it's not Jr.)...but to me he will always be Jackson even when he's all grown up. 

After all of our family watched the video I received an email from my uncle that informed me that my choice of names was not so random after all. We used the family name of Reed as his middle name because it was my grandmother's maiden name and my father's middle name. It turns out that 6 generations back there was actually a Jackson Reed so it looks like we picked a true family name afterall.

I feel like time is going so much faster this time around and crazy enough I feel like we have double the amount of stuff to do before Jackson gets here than we did prior to Ethan's arrival. I'm currently brainstorming on big boy rooms and nurseries. Not to mention Ethan's big boy room is currently my junk room (everyone has one of those right?) so all of that needs to find a proper home. 

I have a feeling that between all the home updates, room re-do's and a certain someone's 2nd birthday I will be creatively maxed out by the time January arrives. I'm looking forward to every bit of it though. Just crossing my fingers and sending up a prayer that I can get it all done in time!


  1. Ethan will SO begin to get it...trust me. I would point out babies all the time, and say "your baby sister will be little like this"--if we saw a baby out at a store, or on tv, etc. We looked at baby pictures of her, and she knew they were pictures of "baby enna-mine"--BUT...we'd tell her that Lucy will be little and a baby like that, too. He will grow leaps and bounds over the next 20 weeks, too so you'll be shocked how ready he'll be for this. Seriously. :) I still can't believe how much Em grew over the 9 months I was pregnant. She was like a baby when I got pregnant and at the end so, so big!

  2. Wow that is so nest that Jackson Reed really is a family name! And I'm with you, the reason I fell in love with the name Jackson SO many years ago is its perfect southern quality :)


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