Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This..

To say that I'm ready for this week to be over is like the understatement of the year. It's gotta be a full moon out there. In fact, I'm pretty sure it is. Right? Yeah...pretty sure. 

**Sidenote: Why does a full moon make everyone crazy...I've never gotten an explanation on that one.**

You know how earlier this week I was all "Cue: crazy emotions" about Ethan going to MDO? Bahaha....don't tell him but...I'm so ready now. I love him and all, but this toddler is nuts. He has decided to no longer eat anything that he doesn't find himself, "No!" is his new favorite word and taking him out in public is hardly an option anymore. Yesterday he decided that he needed to open or throw out everything in the grocery cart. I tried to get the milk and found him mere seconds away from throwing an egg across the store. I'm telling you...we are going through a phase. 

This would be my child ON our kitchen counter licking up the sugar and coffee grounds he spilled.....yes, you read that all correctly.

We recently bought stools for our bar top counters and they are going to be the death of me. Literally my little monkey will not stay off of them. He's also learned to push them around EVERYWHERE. So that knife you were thinking about setting on the counter? Yeah no, you might have to put it in the cabinet instead.

I'm two seconds away from rush ordering those crazy kiddie proof door knob things for my pantry. 

The stools are also used for letting my little guy help himself to anything and everything in the pantry. Yesterday he threw Orzo pasta around like rice on newlyweds.

You would think that I never watch this kid, but I do. I swear. There are just times that I have to go to the bathroom or Lord forbid, change out the laundry in the washer and dryer. I know. I could take him with me, but he has this love for flushing the toilet a million times and I don't know about you, but I've never taken a liking to bidets.

In other non toddler related rants, I have taken a liking to the color purple. I have this affliction where every season I unknowingly pick a favorite color and buy everything in it. I've had a blue phase, a black phase, a grey phase and's apparently purple.

The guest room and guest bathroom are about to be my next purple causality. Today as I was picking out paint colors I became convinced that my laundry room should also be purple. The sensible me realizes this is probably not good for resale and I should stop while I'm ahead. Crazy me, thinks purple looks pretty damn good. My husband warns me that I don't want to be that person who has that crazy guest room that people hate to stay in. I've always believed you want to make them comfortable, but not so comfortable that they don't want to leave...purple might be the answer. Besides, my high school science teacher always told me "It takes a special person to wear purple, but you wear it well.". I always took that as a compliment, but now I'm not exactly sure what he meant by the word "special" ?

Speaking of the husband...I slaved away on a dinner that included not one but TWO sides last night. Um, hello....this is a miracle. He has the audacity to come home late because of work (pish, posh...who needs work) and then tells me my fabulous Alton Brown Chipotle Smashed Sweet Potatoes taste like Spearmint.....what????? 

Did I mention that this entire meal was cooked while listening to high pitched toddler screams while I had him trapped in the pack-n-play. Did I husband, did I???? Did I also mention that said toddler refused to wear a diaper the whole time thus creating a lot of laundry???? Chipotle tasting like spearmint....I never.

So, I used this opportunity (like any sensible woman would) to talk him into buying me a cake. You know, because cake makes everything better. 


Yeah....I'm more than ready for Friday. 


  1. This created so much entertainment for my day! I'm laughing with you momma...not at you:) I love everything about this post...I'm right with you on days like these. I hope your cake did the trick!

  2. Um, my week has been about the same. Just posted about it last night. Wine + pregnancy should be legal.

  3. We had a 40 min meltdown here Tues morning over needing to wear shoes to the library........I hear you, momma!!! Peter was in and out of his infant carrier 5 times that morning due to Spencer putting on and taking off his shoes. Enjoy your weekend- take a longgggggg walk alone to clear your head (or just take a nap!!).

  4. And you can't even have a drink. Girlfriend - I am so sorry. I hope the week ends QUICKLY for you.

  5. goodness girl!! orzo all over the place...sounds like you need your own reality show;) I hope things settle down SOON...little Ethan sounds like he stays busy!! Hope you have a good Friday and a great weekend:)

  6. This has been a little too much like my week. I sure hope this weekend is turning around a bit for you. that cake incident would have brought me to tears!


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