Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Relishing in the Moment

Normally I'm the type of person who rushes from one thing to another. I'll start a project and can't wait for it to be completed so I can move onto the next. Rarely do I ever take the time to just relish in the progression of something. I just want to cross the items off the list so I can...well make another list and begin the process again.

I guess it's something about the thrill of knowing I completed something. I accomplished something. I can say...ok, well, I did that. Now what?

In some ways I view my kid(s) this way. 

There's x amount of time to grow baby number two before I can say...great, I grew a healthy baby now lets make it past the first year. 

There's x amount of time before Ethan should be transitioned to a big boy bed before I can begin on number 2's nursery.

Although I know that each moment I spend with my son is precious, yesterday slapped me in the face pretty hard when it reminded me of how fast time really goes. Ethan starting Mother's Day Out was a big milestone for our family. Other than family, Ethan has never been in anyone elses care and now, two days a week, he will be spending his days elsewhere. 

I saw time flashing before my eyes as I was packing up his little lunchbox the night before. 

How did this happen? How did he grow so quickly? Yes, today it is just Mother's Day Out, but in a couple of years it will be Kindergarten and then before I know it he will be graduating and moving away.

Dramatic? Maybe. 

Hormonal? Definitely.

Pre-baby days I always said I could happily skip to the part where they were 5. I knew nothing about babies, but I knew that taking them to school, carting them around to ballgames, helping them with school projects would all be a blast. 

Present me? Well, I realize how fleeting each moment is. I realize that once I cross these milestones off the "Kid To-Do" list I will never get another chance to do them again. That time will be gone and I want to make sure I relish in the progression of each of those milestones because they are precious. 

I made it through the day yesterday without shedding a tear. I woke up extra early, so early in fact that I was twiddling my thumbs (in case you didn't know...this never happens. I'm always late. Always.). I dressed Ethan in his cute little outfit and tried to take pictures. 

He found sweeping more interesting. I kept clicking away anyways.

We drove to "school" (Mmhmm, I call it school. Get over it.) and I talked to him about what his day would be like and promised that he would have fun and that I would pick him up later that day. 

I got him out of the car, put his backpack on him and held his little hand as we walked toward his teacher. He was gripping my hand so tightly, but he let her pick him up and they walked away.

He never looked back.

He was going to be okay. 

He truly has grown so much, so fast, it makes me both proud and sad at the same time. 

How do they grow up so quickly? 

**A special thanks to Ruffles and Bow Ties for making Ethan's super cute shirt!**


  1. This is seriously so sweet. That little backpack? I die.

    Sometimes I worry that things like the first day of school won't be as monumental and special for us since he's been going to daycare everyday since he was 3 months old. Then I fast forward to kindergarten and get a litle misty eyed and know it will be!

    Hope both mama and toddler had a great first day!

  2. You are pulling at my heartstrings with this post! Ethan looks so adorable in his first-day-of-school photos. It really does go by too quickly. Motherhood has turned out to be such a bittersweet experience in that way. Hope he enjoyed Mother's Day out!

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  4. I'm so glad his first day of "school" went well! He looks stinking adorable in that shirt. I'm glad momma survived too! Wasn't it kind of nice?

  5. So cute! Love the shirt. I dread sending carter to preschool next year...i may be the one kicking and screaming

  6. He's adorable! Love the shirt he's wearing.

  7. OMG! mama! I have been putting this off for so long... I keep meaning to sign E up for MDO... but then always make up an excuse. You did such a great job and you should be {as you already know} so proud of that handsome fella! Glad the first day went so well!

  8. Ethan will love "school" and it will be amazingly beneficial for both of you. I was so glad I continued to send Spencer two days a week while I was on maternity leave. He loved it, I loved the time with just the baby, and he would always come home tired!! Enjoy the time to yourself- clean when you need to and rest/read/blog/relax/run errands while you still have the energy!

    BTW, good luck with the mommy friends. It's hard! I'm doing JL here which has helped a bit, and I love the girls I work with, but it's taken awhile to make the few friends that I have!!


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