Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jackson - Week 22 in the Making

This little one is growing like a am I. I can definitely feel my energy slowly slipping away and the freak outs about just how much time I don't have left are certainly beginning. At this point I'm pretty certain I won't have the nursery 100% finished by the time this kid arrives. 

I'm hormonal and emotional, but otherwise feeling pretty good. Jackson's arrival date has been moved up to 39 weeks since I will be scheduled a c-section so instead of being what I had hoped a 41 week new years baby, he will be a 39 week pre-Christmas baby. Planning at it's finest folks. Cue major freak out sessions. Can you even imagine planning future birthdays?!?

Total Weight Gained: 14 pounds...seriously. Yeah...pretty sure I'm going to hit a 40 pound gain again! I may or may not have been having sugar cravings this past month and let's just say the sugar hits me right in the thighs. Lord help me because really, I can't help myself. I have no will power. Period.

Sleep: No more restful sleep for this mama. I've been waking up quite frequently either to pee or because I'm so freaking hot or just plain uncomfortable. 

Best Moment of the Week: How about of the past month since it's been that long since I've updated? Finding out the gender and picking a name! 

Belly Button: Still flattish. 

Labor Signs: Nope.

Movement: Looks like I'll have another busy boy on my hands. If I stop moving, this kid goes crazy. His favorite spot to kick me? Right in the bladder of course. I don't remember Ethan moving this much at all!

Food Craving: I'm just hungry in general these days. Sugar, crunchy stuff, McDonalds...bring it on! Yeah those 14 pounds I mentioned? I earned them.

What I Miss: I could really use a glass of wine...or three. 

What I'm Looking Forward to: Buying stuff for this new little one because he has zero things of his own at this point. I haven't bought a stitch of clothing for him or gotten started on his room. I may or may not be freaking out about this...see I could use that wine. Immediately.


  1. You look wonderful! As for having a prechristmas baby and planning future birthday parties? My brothers' birthday is Dec. 20, and since everyone leaves town or bunkers down with family once school let's out for break their party was always early December. It was the only way she could actually get their friends to come! :)

  2. You look great!! My brothers birthday is Dec 22 and it worked out just fine. My mom always did his parties a week early. Oh and I still haven't finished Caroline's nursery and she will be 3 months soon. Second child syndrome. Oops!

  3. you look awesome!! andrew was a pre-christmas baby... the 23rd!

  4. Well, you look absolutely adorable!! :o) And don't worry about having a Christmas baby - you'll just get to tell him he *almost* shares a birthday with Jesus! How cool is that?!?!

  5. As everyone has said...and i'll second them all - you look great...i know you say you have gained 14 pounds but it looks to be all in your baby belly:) Christmas does seem so close but you will totally get it all done before he arrives...nothing like some 3rd trimester nesting to make it happen;)

  6. You look wonderful! And the nice thing about a Christmas-ish baby is that there should be plenty of family around during the holidays to celebrate and help you all out! :)

  7. I have been a sugar fiend this time, too. And the nursery is nowhere near done. Oh well!

  8. You look great! Seriously the cutest baby belly EVER!

  9. You do look fantastic! Just a little bump with one sweet baby boy inside!


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