Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Need a Recharge

I think I've hit that point in pregnancy where your head just constantly spins. If my husband read this sentence I'm pretty sure he would envision the girl from the Exorcist and think I was talking about how crazy my hormones have been, but no...I'm more talking about my brain spinning with all the things that need to get done before Baby #2 arrives.'s probably time for me to start referring to him by name and not simply Baby #2.

Every time the end of August rolls around I get this feeling of anxiety that wells up inside me about how jam packed the end of the year will be. Between an upcoming vacation, Ethan's birthday and all the holidays I know that we will be ringing in 2013 before we can even blink.  

The end of the year means we will be a family of four.


This should also probably mean that by the time 2013 rolls around we should have bedrooms for said children. Believe it or not...they do actually sleep at times. Currently I myself and not such a believer...two year molars are ZERO fun!

We have a billion and one things to do to this new house we just moved into, but at this point we are in the process of finishing up the guest bedroom. Ethan's big boy room is secretly (or not so secretly anymore) my "stash it and forget it" room. Seriously it could put some of those hoarder shows to shame. Ok, not really, but to me it feels like it. Maybe it could win a scene on Clean House at least? All the decor and wall items we haven't put up yet are still sitting in there along with all my craft stuff and all the other crap that builds up when you lose an additional bedroom. 

Please tell me...what are you suppose to do with all the stuff that you "have to keep" but don't really use when you have enough kids to fill ALL the bedrooms...eeks!

I'm starting to form a great plan for E's big boy room in my head, but as for Jackson's nursery??? I've got nothing. No inspiration. No thoughts. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Hopefully that will come as I get E's room underway. For head is in a million different places and I...well...I'm creatively maxed out. 


  1. I have always wondered where in the world you're suppose to put all that stuff that accumulates in a house. Currently our guest room is my stash it room. But then I find myself in a mad dash to organize all that junk moments before weekend guests arrive. Hope your head stops spinning soon, if I know you at all you'll get some lists together and everything will line up just fine!

  2. It happens to all of'll get it done...their might be some tears involved but it will get all done.

  3. Not gonna lie...a family of four STILL stresses me out, hahahaha. ;)

  4. Have you looked through Project Nursery's blog for inspiration for Jackson's room? Do you just want to put Jackson in Ethan's nursery and move Ethan into the other room so that you only have to do one room?

    The package is in the mail. Excuse the no note/no cute wrapping- I suck :( I really hope it fits him!!!

  5. we've talked about my own struggles with storage...I'm with you sister. It'll come to you. Probably late at night while you should be sleeping, but it will come :) and don't even say the word holidays. it makes me sweat just saying it. ugh. hang in there!

  6. We totally have one of those rooms in our house too that I am working to make Addie's big girl room..I just don't have anywhere for all of this stuff to go!!!! You will totally get it all done and I know it will look amazing:)


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