Tuesday, January 26, 2010

15 Simple Things that Make Me Happy

Funny as it might be I had already typed out this post for today when I discovered I had been given an award from the lovely Short Southern Mama! (Awards also make me happy!)

List 10 things that make you happy. (Try to do one of those things today!) Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. Make sure to link back to the person who tagged you!

  1. A bright, sunny room

  2. Being able to take my time cooking and being able to fully enjoy the peace, happiness, and fullfillment it can bring

  3. Dairy Queen blizzards

  4. A long bath where I can recollect my thoughts

  5. When Lola cuddles

  6. Reading a good book with a nice cup of coffee

  7. Being efficient when needed while being able to take my time and just enjoy when I can

  8. Making lists

  9. A phone call from my husband saying he's on his way home

  10. A clean house

  11. A warm summer night

  12. Organization

  13. Chatting over a glass of wine (or 2)

  14. Feeling productive

  15. Thinking about the future

Tell me one simple thing that makes you happy and collect your award!

Also check out her blog for a special giveaway and you might just walk away with one of these!


  1. The #1 thing no my list would be spending time with my niece and nephews. :)

  2. I discovered your blog yesterday via A Mom on Sprin. If you don't mind me asking...where oh where did you get the background for your blog? It is so unique and seems PERFECT for you, as you seem to be a woman who likes order and everything in its place. If you did it yourself, you need to go into business girl! I just received the same award and came back over to your blog to give it to you to find you already received it. I will pass it along to someone else, but please know how I enjoyed your blog and was so impressed by it. Have a great day...


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