Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Review: Sickened

Sickened by Julie Gregory is a horrifying true story about growing up with a mother who has Munchausen by Proxy which is defined as "a relatively uncommon condition that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illness or symptoms by a primary caretaker. One of the most harmful forms of child abuse, MBPS was named after Baron von Munchausen, an 18th-century German dignitary known for telling outlandish stories." (source)

This book seriously had my stomach churning and my skin crawling. It is constant abuse from start to finish. It is unfathomable to me that something like this can actually exist. Julie's mother constantly drugged her child and had her nose stuck in medical books to think up new symptoms dragging Julie from doctor to doctor and having countless invasive procedures performed on her child.

She was abused by the MBPS as well as other physical and emotional abuse. She was denied a childhood and her confidence in herself. She was forced to abuse others and be her mothers source of support. Her journey is long and painful but in the end she does dig herself out.

Although this book was painful to read it was something I finished in 2 days because her story held my complete interest from start to finish.

I am on a search for new books and kinda want to branch out of the ones I normally read. What are your suggestions? Thanks!


  1. Just read City of Thieves for my book club. Not one I would have chosen myself but I truly enjoyed it. Great story of friendship.

  2. Wow, that sounds horrible and so intersting. I plan on starting a new book next week, so I will keep it in mind. Lucky by Alice Sebold is a good quick read, if you haven't already checked it out.

  3. Oh no... That sounds horrifying! I'm amazed the author survived the abuse - she must have some unbelieveable strength within her!!!!

  4. That sounds totally fascinating!

  5. I'm intrigued with that book! Right now I'm reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. It's a very big book but it is fabulous!! Can't put it down. :)

  6. Thanks for the review, definitely sounds sad but interesting.

    Have you read the lovely bones yet?
    I wanna see the movie too that just came out.

    Cute blog lady :-)


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