Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heading Out with the Masses

This morning I am up early to head to the store. Storms are on their way supposedly with lots of ice. In this small town, that means no bread and no milk is to be had within at least 3 days of this news.

I normally do not participate in this little charade that the weathermen drag us into considering we NEVER get enough snow to actually deter vehicles from being on the road, but ice we do get. And ice scares me.

(Ice from last weeks hail storm)

So today I am heading out with to join the masses of probably mostly senior citizens to visit our already small and under supplied grocery store. I can't imagine being stuck over the weekend in this house with absolutely nothing.

Wish me good luck as I head out into the cramped grocery aisles with a crowd of slow moving, unaware, uncaring if they block your way, must talk to everyone folks. I'm hoping I don't have a panic attack. This will surely be a time to put my happiness and patience to the test!


  1. Good luck..Its snowing here in NY as well..Ill be doing the same..!! Im a new follower..I had you on my reader and never followed with my new blog..I lost old one and must've had you on there..anyway..Hello..!

  2. Good luck! That is my least favorite part of any sort of winter weather :) I hope it goes okay and that you are having a blessed and beautiful Thursday!

  3. Wow, we haven't had much snow much less hail this winter (Toronto). Good luck.

  4. oh my gosh, that is some big ole' hail! stay safe!

  5. Good luck at the grocery store, and most importantly be safe =)


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