Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camera Monster

While I was uploading pictures yesterday I realized that I had only taken 114 pictures for the month of August. Sounds like a decent number, but normally I take around 3-4 hundred of Ethan each month and half of the ones I uploaded yesterday were of food, craft stuff, and the front of the house update. 

I immediately grabbed my camera to snap some shots of him playing with his cars, but I quickly discovered why I had stopped taking pictures.

Ohhhh, camera!



It's a sad day when this photo is considered the success of the day. 
At least you can see his new teeth.

Maybe it's time to break out the zoom lens and so I can sit far away from my subject. 
Very, very far away.


  1. I always wondered how many pictures I take compared to most moms- I totally take around 300-400 a month of Millie, too! :)

  2. 120 was a low month? I'm embarassed to admit how many we take then! And lately? It's even worse! The days where he would sit still, look cute and smile are loooong gone. Now I'm lucky to catch him as he runs by, glaring at me! LOL I can't get him to smile anymore, he always just stares at me like he's out of it!

  3. I just saw your Lilypie ticker and realized that our kiddos are just days apart! :) And after seeing this post, I realized that I should probably be praying for your sanity as much as I am my own! Ha! They are just EVERYWHERE all at once these days... And your little guy is just adorable, as is his sweet little "toothy" smile!
    Have a great day!

  4. Ha ha look at those pearly whites! I have to say his top tooth is in further than Nolan's two top teeth which have been coming in forever!

  5. HAHA!!! We have the same issue in my house...I love those pics of him though, super cute:)

  6. hehehe, it seems like they always want to play with the "big kid" toys! We are encountering the same sort of thing. Happy snapping! :)

  7. My baby does the same thing!


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