Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Tried to Come Up with Something Upbeat to Blog About....I Failed.

Right now I'm sitting on the couch while Ethan is fussing in his jumper. I don't normally ignore the fussing for too long (because I can't stand it), but this week it's seemed constant and I'm all out of ideas. Apparently I bore him.

He's jumping frantically and at this point I don't even think he's upset. Just noisy.

I wish I had earplugs.

There aren't any real tears...just noise so please don't worry. He's clean, he's fed, he has something to do, but apparently it's not enough.

I tried getting us out of the house today because I thought we both might like to have a change of scenery and it's suppose to rain the rest of the week which means we will be trapped inside (unless I'm really desperate).

Severe Weather Outbreak

Our trip to the outdoor mall was a complete fail. I changed him before we left, but somewhere between the house and the 10 minutes it took to get to the first store he had completely soaked himself. It could be that I've been having to diaper my baby sideways and backwards...there's a good possibility I didn't get the diaper on just quite right.

Have you ever tried to change a poopy diaper while your baby's on his stomach? No? It's not pretty...especially when he decides to roll over INTO IT! It's also not fun to change him in a tiny dressing room while he rolls around like a mad man, laughing at your frustration.

I did find a couple of cute things at Old Navy (there's a positive), but as soon as I hit the dressing room the wailing began so I'm not entirely sure I should trust my judgement. I get very unnerved and can't quite pay attention when my baby is crying. I'm sure some of it will be going back.

It's crazy how when your baby cries you just shut down. Things don't get done, decisions are poorly made, and you have a strong desire to lock yourself in a bathroom...with a glass of wine. Of course you don't though.....that would be crazy.

I didn't.....I swear. I thought about it though, but it wasn't 5 o'clock yet, and I feel like there's something inappropriate about locking yourself in the bathroom with wine before that particular time of day. See how rational I am with a fussy baby?

This is mine...as soon as Michael arrives.
Tonight we are suppose to get more severe weather. Tomorrow we are suppose to be taking Ethan's 6 month (really 6.5 month) pictures outdoors in my moms garden......somehow I think that will get rescheduled....again.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I hope. This is all my fault anyways because I've said numerous times..."What a HAPPY baby Ethan is!" I should have known better. They always want to prove you wrong.

And he is usually a happy baby, there have just been a lot of changes lately and that's hard on a little guy......and his mommy.


  1. I totally feel your pain today! Nolan continued his whiny noise ALL DAY! I had to get out of the house today so we went to Borders to get a book. Thank goodness he finally fell asleep in the stroller but of course woke up when we got home :(

  2. I'm sorry Girl!! I hope that somehow the rain misses you, and that your week gets a little easier... If not, just mix the wine with orange juice- then it's a "mimosa"- totally appropriate for brunch, which incidently can be almost any time of day :-)

  3. Sometimes babies just have to fuss. Think about it... if you could somedays, I'll bet you would just sit and fuss too! Am I right? Keep on keeping on, mama!

  4. Changing a baby while on a tummy is incredibly difficult! Tomorrow WILL be a better day. :)

  5. AAwww you poor thing!!! I totally understand what you mean about the crying shutting you down - it really bothers me too - makes me feel like I'm not meeting her needs even when she has everything she needs. Hopefully the momma bottle (I love that Riesling too) will help:)


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