Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Saturday Morning Scene

Breakfast Time!

So glad we finally got a highchair and can put away the Bumbo seat. I'm still not too sure what all the fuss was about with that seat. I think my kid may have been too long to really get use out of it! Oh well. Maybe the next one.

Today I am finishing up some chores. Laundry, baby food making, getting an oil change, and doing a little cleaning. After all that fun stuff we are headed to the outlet mall to do some shopping for me and Michael. I'm sure E wind up with some stuff too, but right now his closet is bursting at the seams whereas me and Michael are hard pressed to find anything suitable to wear.

It's probably about time I find something to wear for Easter as well seeing as it's a day away. Ethan is all ready although his little outfit has a minuscule grass stain on it from taking pictures,but we are going to roll with it.

And as for shoes.....shoeless we will go, because these things look ridiculous on his skinny, mini legs in my opinion.

I'm sure it's inappropriate, but for real...why don't they make cute shoes for little boys? They look like orthopedic shoes and are a little on the huge size for someone who can't even crawl or walk! Oh, well.


  1. I'm so excited you got your high I'm going to have to break mine out of the box. BTW I did find some clothes when I went's a miracle. Hopefully you will have luck with you go to the outlet mall. Also you are right about the baby boy shoes...they do look like orthopedic shoes! They are way more cute ones for girls!

  2. I came to your blog from life's recipe and wanted to say hi! I'm also your newest follower!

    Your little Ethan is so cute in his high chair! And I love his Easter outfit...precious!

  3. What a sweetheart. That outfit is to cute!

  4. On the ugly shoe thing? Three words:

    Robeez! Robeez! Robeez!

  5. His little Easter outfit is so cute! And I agree about little boy shoes. My nephew is a year an a half and we're just now finding shoes that don't look a little ridiculous!

  6. I LOVE Ethan's easter outfit - its totally adorable:) And the hubs and I are SO low on clothing for ourselves too but Addie has more than she could ever wear. Its just much more fun to buy for her!! Hope you were able to get everything else done. Have a wonderful Easter:)


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