Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Incoherent Post....Good Luck

Today has been one of those days where there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. It doesn't help that it's off and on nasty outside and that I'm feeling scattery today.

Definition of scattery = (1) I can't think straight (2) I jump from idea to idea (3) I leave things unfinished (4) I forget what I'm doing while I'm doing it.

See, I can't even make a coherent post.....mainly because I have nothing of substance to post today...

Feel free to move right along...no..stay..really.

... I am working on a fun post for tomorrow though. Hopefully it will be ready. It involves Instagram (fun!).

How about some random thoughts?

  1. Why do people feel the need to touch your baby? Every time I go to the grocery store, people come up and grab Ethan's feet and talk to him (aka breathe all over him) while I'm conveniently distracted by getting stuff I need or checking out. Agh. Stop.
  2. When am I going to grow my mom claws and tell them to stop? I feel like I couldn't pull off (please don't touch my baby) in a nice way. I don't like for things to get awkward. Plus part of me thinks they are going to think I'm a crazy person or a germaphobe when I tell them to put their hands up and slowly back away from the baby.
  3. I always feel like an idiot when I go to the post office. It's not even a real post office...it's some affiliate store...I don't even know where the real one is here...anyways. I expect them to be able to tell me the mailing options, but apparently they expect me to know what I want. They look at me like I'm ridiculous if I ask them the best way to mail something. Today I tried to sound like I knew what I was doing when I went to mail pictures to Ethan's great grandparents. I simply asked for a priority mail envelope. $10 later I walked out still feeling like a complete idiot because I obviously picked an expensive choice. FAIL!
  4. Why am I the only one who replaces the toilet paper in this house *cough, cough* (this is directed at you Michael!).
  5. I think I'm addicted to making baby food. I've got more than enough and let's just say I'm so excited to expose him to all different types of food that I may, or may not be doing the 3 day rule thing. Oops. Oh well, the first foods really aren't big allergic reaction causers. I'll try to contain myself.
If you made it through this post....bless you....really. At least one thing is off my to-do list today...I feel better even if it is a scattery mess. It's a true reflection of my day and state of mind.

Ok...I'm stopping before this gets any worse.


  1. I'm with you on #2. We were at a Chinese restaurant once and the server kept touching A. I asked her once to stop and I'm not sure if she just didn't hear me, couldn't understand me or was just plain ignoring me, but I didn't have the nerve to ask again so I just sat there steaming over it! :) Maybe we'll be more agressive when/if we have 2nd babies!

  2. I hate when people touch Harlan! It drives me insane. I don't understand why they think that they can just come up and touch them without asking. Especially because they aren't pets, they are people! I also wonder why I am the one that always changes the toilet paper! ;)

  3. HAHA!!! This post is great and yes, I'm so with you on the toilet paper roll...not to mention the toilet seat never being put back down!!! Hope you're having a good Tuesday and no worries, my mind drifts all.the.time - I can't focus - its my mommy brain:)

  4. Ahhh!! Next time someone touches your cute baby, just cough all over them!! (just kidding, sorta)

    I have only been able to 'stand up' to someone once. I was in the grocery store, they were about 6 years old and had 2 friends and all 3 of them were touching my baby with their filthy dirty hands!!!! I said oooookayyyyy how about you girls make silly faces instead?!! My oldest daughter was furious- she kept giving them dirty looks hahahah!!!

    Everyone at work teases me about having 'baby brain', 'placenta brain' and all sorts of other funny things- scattery is the perfect way to describe me :)

  5. I've had one of those day too! I was always "afraid" of how my comments of anti-baby touching would come out but eventually I just got to the point where enough was enough. People are gross and carry all kinds of dirt and germs. I just HAD to start saying something. I couldn't take it anymore!


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