Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Rambling

It's time for another really random post.


Honestly it's a great reflection of where I'm at right now. I'm in that vacation state of mind. You know....the one where you slowly start to shut down and slack off at work because you are too busy counting down the days to vacation that you don't have the time or energy left to actually be productive.

Yeah, that's me.

Except I don't work.

And when you have a child, you can't really slack off without being taken to parent jail. Although apparently your house can become a pig sty even though you've cleaned it a gazillion billion times due to having company at various times through out the week.

You would think that would = clean house by the end of the weekend.

It doesn't.

It equals "God, I'm so tired of cleaning. I think I'll just lay that here, do these dishes later, let the laundry pile up, shove X, Y, and Z into the closet because I don't feel like cleaning up properly..."

You get the idea. Another massive cleaning day is ahead of me.

Anyways, onto the weekend happenings...

Baby Meetup

Towards the end of the week my friend Natalie came down for a visit with her baby boy Nolan. Ethan and Nolan are 2 weeks apart and vacationed together in the womb last year in Siesta Keys.

They met at 3 months, but I have to say meeting up at 6+ months was a lot more fun. They pretty much ignored each other the last time, but this time they really checked each other out.

3+ Months

6+ Months

I learned quite a few things about my baby while they were here.

1. He is stingy.

Ethan: Hey Nolan, that's a pretty cool toy you have there...

Ethan: Give it up!

Ethan: It's mine hahahahhaha.
Nolan: This kid sucks mom.

2. He's a tad bit on the aggressive side.

3. He goes crazy over the Crawl & Go Snail........and I expect him to be crawling any day

A great time was had. Shopping was done. Wine and apple martinis were consumed. A royal wedding was watched.

Can't wait until next time Natalie!

In the meantime, it looks like I need to sign my baby up for a Mothers Day out or something so he can learn how to share before this really gets ugly.

A Terrible, Awful Saturday was Had

We began Saturday morning with the best intentions of having a good day out and about. A sleep deprived baby and slow moving parents didn't really add up to getting out at a decent time though.

Michael and I were bickering (obviously nothing serious, just one of those days), anything and everything was rubbing me the wrong way, and the day as a whole was just overall frustrating.

We finally got out of the house around 5 just in time to go to church. Afterwards we bit the bullet and got out fussy baby and all.

1. I swear we waited in every checkout line for at least 15 minutes.

2. Old Navy was out of the capri pants I needed.

3. We barely made it to every store right before they closed, sending us into panicky shopping trips.

4. People were driving crazy and traffic was horrid.

5. Walgreens was out of the items I needed for my shopping trip and were complete jerks when I asked for a rain check.

6. We skipped dinner until after 8 making us both cranky and they overcharged us.

A terrible, awful, no good, very bad Saturday..........the end.

Sunday - Thank God this Weekend is Over Day

Sunday actually ended up being a better day. I think I was in a better mood and had a better perspective on things. I began the day by getting Michael to dye my hair. I painted my toes a beachy color and put on a cute outfit.

Michael's parents came over to celebrate an early mothers day and birthday for his mom. We went out to eat where Ethan sat in the big boy high chair (adios carrier) and projectile vomited all over Michael.

I glad it wasn't me this time. (See....better perspective)

We headed back to the house where we discovered a piece of siding was actually missing from our house due to the previous weeks storms. Ethan showed off all his new tricks (rocking on all fours, babbling constantly, and his new love for the snail), skipped all his nap times, and apparently learned to stick out his tongue.

After they left we went straight into "I'm so tired, can't possibly sleep though, baby freak out mode". Michael had work to do and decided to just have Ethan tag along to distract him from the a fore mentioned freak out mode. Apparently it worked. Both boys came back in a great mood.

After dinner we  headed out to do a little couponing. I had great success again. Krogers had their mega event and I ended up with all this for around $26.


It was a long weekend.

I'm tired, cranky, and unbelievably ready for a vacation.

So there.


  1. I could totally go for a vacation too!! Those babies are both just too cute!

    I feel ya on the frustrating Saturday! Hope this week is a bit more relaxing!

  2. Sorry to hear that your weekend wasn't relaxing! Hoping the week is better for you!!!

  3. OMG I laughed out loud at your play-by-play of the boys interacting! Sorry Saturday was horrible! We should have saved some apple martinis for you! By the way, Rob found Skinny Girl Margarita at the store by our house. Maybe I should send you a bottle! I haven't tried yet...but I am sure I will need to by the time the week is up :)

  4. Oh and we had a great time and can't wait for you and Ethan to make it out our way! :)

  5. Sorry your weekend wasn't as relaxing as you planned! And, way to go on getting all the food for only $26!!! Score!!!

  6. How sweet you had a baby meet up! I'm totally jealous! Sorry to hear your saturday didn't go so well... but your deal at Kroger... marvelous! loved it!

  7. I LOVE all of the pics of Nolan and Ethan together - how adorable!!! I hate days like Saturdays:( I wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done!! Hope you're having a better week:)


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