Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've got something I want to blog about, but it's going to take longer than I have today. Especially since today is shaping up to be a no nap day. Seriously.

As a bail out plan, I'm going to link up with from Mrs. to Mama for her first link up...

*I'd post her cute button here, but see #5*

1. It happened. My baby rolled off my bed the other day. Seriously. (He's fine.)

2. He thinks it's fun to hang upside down in the doorway jumper....seriously!

3. I've seriously found 8 ticks on my dog and one of them was crawling on my last night.

*Shivers* (seriously!)

4. I thought I'd never climb my laundry mountain yesterday, but I did. Now I'm using the FLY lady motto...a load of laundry a day keeps CHAOS away. Seriously!

5. My computer is so freaking slow that I SERIOUSLY want to throw it out the window. **Husband, do you hear me??? We need a new one...seriously!!!***


  1. Maybe Michael will get the hint about you needing a new computer! I validate that thing is slow :) Also no naptimes here for like 3 I feel your pain. What's up with that? Ugh. That's how I feel about it...ugh.

  2. Seriously (!) ticks are the grossest thing, EVER. I hope you get a new computer!!

  3. That picture is amazing!! Harlan has rolled off the bed before and busted her nose! I'm such a great mom! ;)

  4. Whatever you do, when you buy a computer, HOLD OUT FOR A MAC. I know people hate to hear that, but I spent $900 on a Sony Vaio in July, and it runs hot and slow on most days. Even though the hard-drive is basically empty. Ticks are disgusting...and that photo is SO cute!

  5. Seriously tics are the grossest thing I would have freaked I know you did shivers....

    YOur little one is so cute and so is your blog! Hopefully your hubs will read this and buy you a computer


  6. Our little guy fell off the bed this week too! He's fine. Seriously. :)

  7. EWWW ticks! Yuck!

    And my baby is bound to roll/crawl off the bed any day now. I just know it.

  8. First, THANK you for playing along!! I'm sending lots of hugs your way.... :)

    second off... I about died when I read number 1.

    I am SO glad you posted this. Because it happened to me LAST WEEK! And I kept thinking about how awful I was... and then kept saying "i'm sure it happens to a lot of moms" but then was so afraid to write it on blogger because of the krazy's out there!

    but i'm glad i'm not the only one. they survived. we survived... just another first to mark off. lol!

    and i LOVE that pic! what a funny little kiddo!!

    8 ticks?! ahhhh!

  9. That picture is hysterical!!

    And Lily took a nose dive off the couch about 4 months ago. Yikes! You're not alone.

    8 ticks????? ACK!!


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