Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite Baby Food Items

Now that we have been doing this baby food thing for a little over a month (it seems much longer) I thought I would share my favorite products as well as how the baby food making process is going. I decided to start making my own baby food for several reasons. Numero uno: It's fun. It really doesn't take that long. I can feed my child a bigger variety of food, change up the consistency of it as well, and I know exactly how it was prepared. I might also mention it's a little bit cheaper.

There are three things that are a must in baby food making. One is either a food processor or a blender. The second is a steamer and I have to say I love mine.

I got this from amazon not too long ago and it's awesome. I have never owned a steamer before and makes some fabulously easy and healthy side dishes!

The third thing you need is something to freeze it in. I found these Mumi and Bubi trays to be the best. They are super flat and hold 21oz of baby food a piece. I put my homemade goodness in them, freeze them, then pop them out into a freezer bag. Awesome.

Do not buy this.....

Especially for Baby 50 Ct Freezer Food Tray Labels - Especially for Baby  - Babies"R"Us

It is a horrible, terrible product that will waste your time, space and money. The lids don't stay on, there aren't enough to even make one food much less a whole meals worth, they crack easily, and you can't just pop the food out once frozen.

The rest of my favorite things apply to anyone whether you make your own or you buy premade. I seemed to have a hard time finding a dish with separated sides. Sometimes baby food tastes better one on one, no? I ended up finding this OXO plate. It has a lid and also a handy dandy place to scrape off the spoon so you don't have dripage.

I also purchased these boon spoons which are super helpful, but have a couple of downsides as well.

You can easily fit 4oz of baby food in these. They make for super easy one hand feeding on the go, but you better bring napkins. They tend to splatter. I squeeze it out using my hand as a shield first so I don't splatter it everywhere. Also, the food hole is in the back of the spoon and sometimes it's hard for the baby to get the whole spoon in his mouth which leads to dripage. With that said...this is what I use when I go out. I haven't found anything better.

My favorite sippy cup so far is this Dr. Browns one. I use their bottles as well so I may be biased.

I like this one because I could remove the handles. My 7 month old has no idea how to hold handles, but a bottle....he can do that. I took off the handles and now he can drink water by himself. Score.

This last item is a MUST have. Seriously!

You can just rinse these Bumkins bibs in the sink or wipe them off and use them for the next feeding. Forget those stupid cloth ones! They stain, must be  machine washed, and are a waste of money. I have three of these plastic bibs and probably could have gotten away with just two. I love them.

Ok, I hope that's helpful! What are your favorite products?

**If you click through the links I provided to purchase one of these products, I'll be paid a very small fee. I enjoy sharing my favorite stuff and only do so honestly. Also "dripage" is apparently not a word, but I think you know what I mean. Someone should tell Webster.**
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  1. Great post! We're about to venture into the solid food era (and I'm hoping to make A's food as well) so this was really helpful. Thanks!

  2. This is awesome - thanks so much for sharing.

    We are making our own baby food too but I've been re-using the Earths Best jars and using ice trays - neither of which are ideal. I had an awful expereince with the Babies R Us ones you mentioned above too - I hadn't even used them yet and the lids would not stay shut so I promplty returned them!! I will def try out the Mumi and Bubi trays - I knew there had to be a better way but had not seen these!

    We LOVE the Bumkins bibs too and have also found the rubber Tommee Tippee ones work pretty well too (they are a bit stiff but the pocket in the front does a good job of catching everything Addie throws back).

    I purchased some of the Dr Browns sippee cups because I LOVE their bottles but have not yet started using those yet - I need to pull them out. Right now we are just using a Born Free sippy cup and Addie seems to enjoy that.

    Whew...I think thats the longest comment I've ever written:) Again, awesome post - the info is greatly appreciated!!

  3. I have never seen those spoons. They look so cool. I may have to try those bibs too. We have plastic bibs, but they seem to be too wide around her nack, so the top of her shirt/dress is always dirty anyway.

  4. Great post! I used ice cube trays when I made baby food to freeze. I have that spoon too and loved it.

  5. GREAT list! I make my own baby food, and I've been using silicon trays, but I want that freezing tray that you have! I looked everywhere for something like that and you found what looks like the most perfect one!

  6. I completely agree with the bumpkins bibs! best.friend.ever! Thanks for sharing about your steamer. I've just been doing it the old fashioned way, but would love to get something a little more consolidated and user-friendly.

  7. oh man, I am in desperate need of some of those bibs and didn't know where to find them. Thanks for that :-)
    Also, I'm having a giveaway for those cube containers you asked me about last week :-)

  8. Great post! I am so glad you shared this with you readers.

  9. Love this post! i need a steamer like that stat and I have never heard of those trays! Thanks for sharing!


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